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Below we listed some of the guidelines to follow and points to keep in mind to increase your chances of the guest post getting accepted.

At this time, we are ACCEPTING GUEST POSTS from other skilled writers.

We are quite selective when it comes to accepting guest posts and welcome only those writers who can contribute unique and informational content that can be of great value to our audience. This platform is for you if you believe you have the required expertise.

Go through the guidelines mentioned below and get an idea about what kind of content we are looking for.

TrustyRead Guest Post Guidelines:

  • The content must be unique, relevant and plagiarism free. It must be between 800 to 2000 words and SEO optimised.
  • Your guest post must focus only on the topics we listed below that we accept; otherwise, it will be rejected.
    Your guest post must be non-commercial with no product review, promotion details, company promotion content. Below we have listed down the list of appropriate topics we accept.
    Ensure the guest post you send is in the form of the docs or word so that we can easily publish it after a detailed review.
  • Please add proper references, stats, linkbacks (do-follow) and images wherever necessary to make your article more appealing to the audience.
    Spamming or adult content is not allowed.
  • Write an article in proper format with headings, pointers and subheadings wherever required.
  • The article must contain a conclusion and have fresh content which is never published before anywhere.
  • Ensure your post doesn’t violate any copyright laws, and it must not contain any copyrighted data like text, images etc.
  • The content must be backed by actual data and stats, which are true.
  • The content must be in an easy to read and understandable tone.
  • Only one do-follow backlink is allowed for the guest post submitted. It can lead to your website or any other you mentioned. Also, include your short author bio (70 words max) along with a headshot image and it’s mandatory to add a company or social links in it. The links will be do-follow.
  • TrustyRead retains an editorial right of your guest post. CC holds the right to edit or add something to the post before publishing it.
  • The webmaster holds the right to delete or reject the post if it doesn’t align with our requirements.
  • You will be notified after the guest post got published. In case, we found that the content is copied then the author will be blocked immediately without any reason, and we will never publish articles from that author or company in future.


We Accept Guest Posts on Following Topics:-

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Automobile
  • Business
  • Design & Development
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Gadgets Education
  • General
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home Improvement
  • Make Money
  • News
  • Real-Estate
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Sending Guest Post:

  • Ensure the article is in Google Docs or Word format
  • We suggest you pitch the ideas/topics at trustyread@gmail.com before writing the post so that we can review it and let you know what we think.
  • If you are already done with writing the post on the relevant topic, then send it to us on this email trustyread@gmail.com.
  • Ensure you enter the subject as mentioned above only otherwise the webmaster will not note it
  • Please wait for 1-4 working days after you sent an email with the document so that our editor can revise it properly.

So be ready to submit us your post now or send topic ideas.

Benefits of Writing for us:

Showcase your writing skills to the broad audience and get recognised
Boost your company’s awareness by guest posting on our website and earn rewards
Increase your fan following and earn money for writing guest posts that pull attention of more than 1000 visitors
Win a chance to get free blog/website for writing
Gain do-follow links to your website and get organic traffic
You can even do affiliate marketing for your products by convincing the visitors to buy your products or services.
It’s always best to write guest posts for different websites before starting your blog to gain experience.