15 Best Day Trips From St. Louis

15 Best Day Trips From St. Louis

15 Best Day Trips From St. Louis

Are you a St. Louis native looking for a trade of scenery – but only for a day? Or, are you journeying the region and choose to explore the nation of Missouri? Day journeys are convenient because you experience touring to a new region with pals or family and are capable to return to your home on an equal day. You sleep in your bed, and you do not have to pack a lot for an overnight trip. Here are the 15 best day journeys close to your domestic (or domestic away from home) in St. Louis that are exciting and handy to travel.

Here is the list of 15-best day trips from St. Louis:   

1. Washington:

The country of Washington affords a cornucopia at more than a few areas as does its topography to shape the taste of nearly any traveler. Urban-oriented vacationers will find a host of sights and activities which include music, ceremonies, dance, and theatre. Outdoor-oriented traffic will experience a range of things to do such as cycling, hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, boating, sailing, kayaking, rafting, skiing, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing. More pastures will be discovered amongst wheat fields, tulip fields, apple orchards, and bales. 

Distance:⟾  (12 Hrs 38 Min by road.)

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2. Columbia, Missouri:

Columbia, Missouri is exceptionally recognized for its BBQ and is a “college town”. Home to three colleges, the whole college metropolis feels and appeal are actually elements in Columbia’s energy. But do you be aware of that it has repeatedly been named as one of the exceptional cities to live in in the United States – even if you are no longer a student? Forbes also noted Colombia as a top region to retire. So, if it is one of the satisfactory cities to stay in, is it one of the great locations to visit? 

Rock Bridge memorial state park.

Columbia Cosmopolitan.

Tour the school.

Forum Nature Area.

Eat Pie.

Distance: ⟾(1 Hr 57 Min, 124.6 Miles.) 


3. Ozark National Scenic Riverways:

The Park headquarters vacationer middle is open year-round in Van Buren, Missouri. The Visitor Center is placed at the Park Headquarters and includes the Eastern National Sales Area, park information, exhibits and an ancient film on the modern river. America the lovely ignore can be performed at this place. 

Address: (County Rd 60-221, Ellsinore, MO 63937, United States)

Distance: (2 Hrs 51 Min, 160.6 Miles.)


4. St. Charles: 

St. Charles is recognized for its heat welcome, unique historical perspective, and lovely sites. Whether you are interested in history, shopping, the arts, or gaming there’s so a good deal to do you will need more than a day. 

Distance:⟾ (29 Mi, 27.3 Miles)


5. Ste Genevieve:

The city of Ste. Genevieve is dedicated to being a satisfactory community in which to live, work and play. To attain this mission, the metropolis will increase and deliver programs, policies, and services, supporting our contemporary businesses, and attracting agencies and industry to the region. Visit places in Ste Genevieve Below.

The Centre for French Colonial Life & the Bolduc House Museum.

Felix Valle House State Historic Site.

Watertower Winery.

Greentree Tavern.

Beauvais-Amoureux House.

Memorial Park.

The Bequette-Ribault House.

Ste Genevieve Museum.

Ste Genevieve Catholic Church.

Distance:⟾ (1 hr 3 min, 63 miles.)


6. Diving in Bonne Terre Mine:

The divers recorded their journey as “mule entrances” in a nondescript, aluminum-sided building. It appears like a backyard like an entrance to the abyss, giving little indication of the brilliant world located below. (In fact, some underwater scenes from James Cameron’s sci-fi epic The Abyss had been filmed at the mine.) Following a five-minute stroll along the Old Mule Trail, jumpers plunge into the dock to plan for their plummet.

Address: (185 Park Ave, Bonne Terre, MO 63628, United States)

Opening and closing timing: (Only Saturday, Sunday and Friday 9:00 Am to 4:30 Pm)  

Distance:⟾ (59 MIn, 58.6 Miles.)


7. Six Flags Theme Park, Eureka:

Six Flags St. Louis is the only park owned and operated by way of the Six Flags organization considering that its inauguration in 1971. The park, most liked, is themed and one of its most appealing sections is the “1904 World’s Fair” replica. It additionally has a famous “Bugs Bunny” ride for adolescents in the family. Six Flags St. Louis is regarded as the Costar Capital of Missouri, with three wood and six steel coasters, with a complete tune of 22,700 feet. “Spinning” is the most sought after a ride for its motorcycle-like speed. 

Address:(4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, MO 63025, United States)

Distance: (35 Min, 30.4 Miles.)

Timing: (9:00 Am to 9:00 Pm, Sunday closed.)


8. Shaw Nature Reserve:

Shaw Nature Reserve, on the Mara, make River and about six miles south of the Missouri River is acknowledged as the Ozark border. The region covers about 13 percent of the nation of Missouri and divides the rolling prairie lands of northern Missouri, shaped by means of glaciers from the Ozark Plateau, formed by uplift and erosion. The reserve is near the junction of Highway one hundred and Interstate 44 in northeast Frank fell County. 

Address: (307 Pinetum Loop Rd, Gray Summit, MO 63039, United States)

Distance:⟾(41 Min, 38.1 Miles.)

Timing: (8:00 Am to 5:00 Pm.)

9. Road Trip Along the Great River Road:

The Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in the world, flowing heaps of miles, and is one of the most important highways in the United States. Pursue this twisting waterway from Minnesota to Louisiana, on the popular Great River Road. This 3,000 mile National Scenic Byway roughly tracks the Mississippi River and is without problems one of the excellent avenue journeys in the country. While driving, you will see white symptoms with green wheels on them, marking the route. The direct force takes about 36 hours, so with stops, sketch for about a week – if no longer – for the entire trip.


There are many stops to see along the Great River Road in 10 one of a kind states, where it passes through.

Wisconsin- Pocketville.
Wisconsin-Hager City.
Wisconsin- La Crosse.
Louisiana-New Orleans.
Minnesota-Red Wing.

10. Johnson’s Shut-Ins:

Johnson’s Shut-in State Park consists of a geological structure, made up of smooth sedimentary rock eroding round pockets of igneous rock.

Carved the difficult igneous rock clad with wind and water and made talus and slides along with the eastern financial institution of the Kali River. This vicinity is acknowledged as the waterpark of nature. 

Distance:⟾ (1 Hr 44 Min, 98.1 Miles.)

Address: (148 Taum Sauk Trail, Middle Brook, MO 63656, United States.)

11. The Katy trail:

Until 1986, trains from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad ran on this course. A few years later, the rail used to be pulled down and the land remodeled, turning into one of the first foremost railroad conversions in the US. Today there are over 23,400 miles of these routes across the country. At 240 miles, the Katy Trail is the longest — and it is in any case developing. When the Rock Island Trail on the south aspect is completed, it will group up with Katy to shape a 450-mile loop through Missouri. 

Distance:⟾ (31 Min, 29.4 Miles.)

Address: ( Missouri, United States.)

12. Hermann:

The small city in Hermann Missouri has all the points of interest of America. You will revel in all components with many wineries and locations to stay. Nestled in 1837, Harman was once chosen for its luscious and green scenery as nicely as rolling hills and vintage charm. 


Distance:⟾ (1 Hr 25 MIn, 81.1 Miles.)

13. Meramec Caverns:

For four hundred million years, the Mercum Caverns have existed deep in the Ozarks. When the water started to circulate through the base of the Ozark hills, the stones started to dissolve and fashioned an underground passage. Eventually, the underground river carved out about 18 miles of passages and chambers that liberated the rushing water with speleothems – stalactites and stalagmites that beautify the caves’ floors and ceilings.

The 4.6-mile cave machine holds its place in history as a haven for pre-Columbian Native Americans, the first cave in the Mississippi to be discovered by Europeans in the west, a saltpeter plant for the Central Army at some point of the Civil War, And a region for it. Notorious Robber Jesse James. 


Address: (1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080, United States.)

Distance: ⟾(1 Hr 7 Min, 64.7 Miles.)

Timing: (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.)

14. Hannibal:

When you hear ‘Hannibal’, what is the first thing? If your reaction is like mine, it will most in all likelihood be Hannibal Lecter, a Lithuanian-American serial killer recognized for his carnivorous ideals. Hannibal, Missouri owes a great deal to Mark Twain’s infamous place of birth or a serial killer. Instead, there are a number of different motives that make it a famous location for visitors passing via the nation of Missouri, either on an avenue outing or experiencing some of the state’s most iconic sights.

Distance:⟾ ( 1 Hr 53 Min, 116.8 MIles.)

Population: (17590 in 2017.)

15. Springfield, Illinois:


The Capitol is an over-the-top however weakened gem of Illinois architecture, “wrote Chicago Tribune Architect critic Blair Kamin,” a gilded age stunner, the nation’s biggest Dominate Capital (longer than the US Capitol) Seeing its popularity as an individual, it has the capability to carry our sightseeing and spirits. Ceaseless movement business is given sporadically, yet the Secretary of State’s workplace has moreover saved an available manual for autonomously coordinated the movement business. When the legislature is in session, visitors can additionally roam the chambers of the House or Senate for a glimpse of Illinois politics. 

Distance ⟾ (91 hR 34 Min, 98.2 MIles.)


These are the best places that everyone should try to visit at least once. Here you will explore the mind-blowing experience of nature in your journey. Hope this article is useful, share your view in the comment box below. Where should I go 3 hours from St Louis?. What cities are 8 hours from St Louis?. Where can I go 5 hours in St Louis?. Where should I stop between St Louis and Kansas City?

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