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5 Ways to Boost Your Motivation (and Get Stuff Done)

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5 Ways to Boost Your Motivation (and Get Stuff Done)

Motivation, or lack thereof, is a significant predictor of success. To boost your motivation, it’s important to start by setting clear goals and creating a plan of action to achieve them. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps can also help you stay motivated and focused.

Motivational quotes also play an important role in boosting your motivation. If you’re struggling to get things done, these quotes can help you get out of the funk and keep you moving forward. Motivation is the driving force behind our actions and behaviors, but it’s not always easy to stay motivated, especially when facing difficult tasks or challenges.

Additionally, finding sources of inspiration and support can be a great way to keep yourself motivated. This could include connecting with others who share your goals or values, seeking out positive affirmations or quotes, or engaging in activities that energize and motivate you. Finally, it’s important to stay committed and disciplined, even when facing setbacks or challenges.

I’ve found these five techniques particularly helpful in my own life:

Recognize failure as a learning opportunity.

The next time you fail, don’t take it personally. Instead, recognize that failure is just part of the process and an opportunity for growth. Failure can be a good thing. After all, it’s not called “success” for nothing–it takes failure after failure before we achieve something that works out well in the end.

Failure isn’t the end of your journey; rather than letting it stop you dead in your tracks or make you feel like giving up on what matters most to you (and maybe even making things worse), use these five tips to help turn those obstacles into opportunities for learning and growth:

Set goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Setting goals is an important step in achieving success and fulfillment in our personal and professional lives. To effectively achieve your goals, it’s essential to start by setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. Before you can do anything, you need to know what it is that needs doing. That means defining the problem before starting on a solution.

Once you have identified your goals, it’s important to create a plan of action to achieve them. This might include breaking down larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps, creating a timeline or schedule to guide your progress, and identifying potential obstacles and strategies for overcoming them.

You should also set goals for yourself–and make sure they’re achievable. For example, if your goal is “I want to lose 10 pounds this month,” but this month happens to be Thanksgiving and Christmas (when everyone overeats), then maybe that isn’t realistic for now. Be ambitious but stay realistic: If I were trying to run a 5K in three months’ time, I wouldn’t start running three miles every day right away; instead, I’d start with one mile per day and build up my endurance gradually until I could handle running five miles without stopping (or dying).

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

It’s simple to concentrate on the things that are stopping you while you’re trying to do something. You might be considering how much work is still to be done or when you will start to see benefits.

But if this is your mindset, it can make it harder for you to stay motivated and finish what needs doing. By focusing on the positive instead of the negative, though–what we want vs. what we don’t have–we can actually make progress in our lives faster.

So next time something comes up that could throw off your productivity (or just make life more difficult), try changing gears by focusing on what would make things better instead: “I’m going home early today so I can spend quality time with my family tomorrow.” Or maybe even: “I’m excited about starting my new job because I love helping people solve problems.”

Be mindful of the present moment.

There’s no better way to boost your motivation than by being mindful of the present moment. When you’re in the moment, you’re aware of what’s going on around you and inside your body. This means that when someone asks how their hair looks or if they look fat in those pants (and it’s probably not a great idea to ask), you’ll be able to give them an honest answer instead of just saying “no” because it feels like politeness is more important than being honest about how terrible those jeans really are.

Being mindful also helps us connect with our thoughts and feelings so we can understand ourselves better as well as others around us–which is extremely helpful when trying to motivate yourself. If there’s something holding back your productivity today, being mindful will help identify what exactly that might be so that we can work towards fixing these issues together 🙂

Ask for help from people who care about you.

A fantastic strategy to increase your motivation and do more is to ask for support.

It’s simple to become mired in a rut and believe that no one can lift you out of your slump when you’re feeling unmotivated.

But this isn’t true. There are tons of people who care about you and would be happy to lend their support if only given the chance.

You might feel like asking for assistance from friends or family members would be too much pressure for them–and maybe it would be–but there are other options too: professional coaches or psychologists (if needed), mentors at work or school who have more experience than you do in certain areas of life/work/etc., peers with different skillsets than yours but who share similar goals and experiences (“being able to relate”).

The point here isn’t just “ask someone else for help”; rather, it’s about finding someone who has something valuable for YOU specifically right now so that YOU can get back on track quickly.


In the end, those who have come up with their own success experiences cannot help but inspire us. They may not be perfect, but they’ve found a way to keep going even when things get hard. And they never give up on their dreams.

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