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Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon That Will Surprise You

Provides Effective Oral Health

Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon That Will Surprise You

It is almost rare for someone to tell you the benefits of cinnamon. Because who adds cinnamon to their meals, right? WRONG. Many Asian and South Asian cuisines have cinnamon and you should try adding it to your daily foods as well. However, it is not essential that you have to add cinnamon in your meals; there are several other ways to do so. For example, putting some in your tea. I wouldn’t have been familiar with the benefits either hadn’t it been for a health show on a channel I caught on my Spectrum T V. Here are all of them.

Fights Bacterial and Fungal Infections

This might sound surprising to you but cinnamon helps your body to fight against the majority of the bacterial and fungal infections. Especially the infections that may be present in your respiratory tract that fungi cause. Other than that, it also aids in inhibiting the growth of Salmonella and Listeria. These two are the most common foodborne bacterial diseases. Not only can adding cinnamon in your diet help you fight against these illnesses but applying cinnamon oil can also treat some of the fungal infections. 


I don’t know if anyone told this to you before but cinnamon is packed with antioxidants that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These antioxidants can even help people suffering from arthritis. Some people may argue that inflammation is the body’s natural way of fighting infections and illnesses. However, they fail to understand that chronic inflammation is not good for the body. It can make your body weak and put you in serious trouble. Therefore, add cinnamon as a spice in your meals regularly. 

Reduction in Blood Sugar

This antioxidant-rich spice also aids you in keeping your blood sugar level at a healthy level. As they lower the blood sugar level while also reducing the insulin resistance in your body. This aids the hormone to process the sugar. If you are a patient of Type 2 diabetes, then you should add the ritual of consuming cinnamon daily. A teaspoon would do. 

Reduction in Risk of Heart Diseases

Apart from all the amazing properties, another great thing about cinnamon is that it can reduce the risk of you suffering through heart disease. Because individuals who consume cinnamon regularly in any form have a reduced level of bad cholesterol in their bodies. Moreover, the level of good cholesterol also increases in one’s body. 

Prevention of Cancer

This might sound exaggerated but Cinnamaldehyde present in cinnamon can prevent some of the cancers from occurring, according to researches. Apart from that, this component also makes the cinnamon smell good. One of the primary reasons that researchers give for cinnamon preventing certain cancers is the fact it acts as a protection against DNA damage. Apart from that, it also shields against cell mutations. However, researchers are still in progress to find more details on this aspect. 

Provides Effective Oral Health

Oral hygiene is essential and many people tend to ignore this aspect. However, even if you brush your teeth regularly, it is not enough. As you should take other measures as well to help ensure that you do not have to suffer from serious issues like tooth decay. The good news is that you do not have to look any further than your kitchen for this. 

All you have to do is add cinnamon to your life. And you will not face the issue of bad breath or tooth decay. You can thank me later. 

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Helps Brain Functioning

One benefit that shocks almost everyone is this. As no one is ready to believe that cinnamon can aid in making their brain function better. However, the fact is that it does. Researches show that consuming the spice regularly can/may reverse or delay cognitive impairment. Apart from that, it can also help improve your memory. 

The component present in cinnamon that makes this possible is manganese. And if you consume 2 teaspoons of cinnamon every day, you feed your body with half the amount of manganese that it needs daily. Isn’t that amazing. 

Eases Menstruation Cycle Pain

Where are all the ladies at? Seems like your menstruation cycles could get normal and less painful if you consume cinnamon regularly. Wouldn’t that just be great? Because let’s accept the fact that a bad period day can make every woman cranky. I was worried about what I would have to go through after the 9-week period of being dependent on Klonopin. I went on to gather more information to anticipate what I would have to face. I voiced my concerns to my doctor and slowly lowered my dosage. Thank God, I didn’t feel any withdrawal symptoms. I remember a friend was working at Spectrum Customer service center and was in pain due to that time of the month. She gave everyone hell that day including me who came to pick her up. So, coming across something that could ease the pain or make it less severe isn’t something less than a blessing. 

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