Know About Ashok Leyland used Generator

Know About Ashok Leyland Generator

Know About Ashok Leyland Generator – Ashok Leyland Used Generator

The Hinduja company belongs to Ashok Leyland. It is an Indian car company and deals with so many products it is based in Chennai, India. The best advantage for Ashok Leyland used generators is that they are readily available and easy to introduce. We urge you to weigh the benefits of purchasing used generators and ensure that the model of generator you want suits your budget and energy needs. There is a need to pick this device. They are easy to use in highly fuel-efficient storage and thus supply much fuel. Low oil and low fuel consumption are expected. It diminishes the time in the energy flow. We also offer a high-quality Ashok Leyland Diesel Used Generator and an emergency standby generator.



Ashok Leyland is renowned for its strong, efficient manufacture of engines and the firm is proud to have produced over 150,000 diesel generators in the past decade. Ashok Leyland has expanded its full engine portfolio from 5 KVA to 2500 KVA with this uncompromising trust.

Aesthetically, extremely fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, Ashok Leyland engines.

Few models and configurations of the Ashok Leyland generator

Ashok Leyland manufactures the 5 kVa to 2500 KVA diesel generator. The following are some of the versions and their requirements:

Genset Model LP50 LP125D LP160 LP100D
Power Rating 50 / 62.5 125 160 100
Electric Power 40 / 50 100 128 80
Rated Current 69.56/86.95 173.91 222.6 139.12
DG Size 2800 X 1200 1650 X 900 3900 X 1350 3300 X 1250
Fuel Tank Capacity 90 200 250 200
Battery Capacity 90 90 105 90
System DC Voltage 12 12 12 12
Engine Rated kW/Engine Rated HP 59/79.12 116/155.5 147/197.13 94/126.05
Aspiration TA NA TCIC TA
No. of cylinders & configuration 4, Inline 6, Inline 6, Inline 6, Inline
Bore x Stroke 104 x 113 104 x 113 104 x 113 104 x 113
Displacement 3.84 5.76 5.76 5.76
Lube Oil Capacity approxx. (Ltr) 8.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
Coolant Capacity approxx. (Ltr) 13.5 20 25 20

When buying the Ashok Leyland generator, some key considerations

  1. Age, Hour, Usage
  2. How well it has been maintained by the previous owner
  3. Manufacture history and reputation
  4. Guarantees and Limited Warranties

Age, Hour, Usage

When you purchase used Ashoka Leyland generator then you have to check how much its use and what capacity and the average time is given in hours and how many years is happening in the purchasing generator. It is just like a car and it has an odometer to give the assumption life of the Know About Ashok Leyland Generator.

How well it has been maintained

In this region, you may not be able to obtain historical information, but you can confirm the Seller’s present level of knowledge on diesel engine maintenance and repair, transmission controls, power units, and turbine ends Know About Ashok Leyland Generator.

Manufacture history and reputation

Before purchasing of used Ashoka Leyland’s genertator you have to dentify that what is the history of Ashoka Leylands and reputation in the market as a comparison to other companies and customer view also matter what is the point of view there other product if everything is positive then you to move on to purchase whereas your one wrong decision you face huge loss. 


Guarantees and Limited Warranties

If you purchase Used Ashoka Leyland Generator check its complete body it’s looking good or not and clear about from seller it’s containing the warranty or not if it possible to extend the warranty of the used generator then do this and take a complete necessary document from that person which gives you the used Know About Ashok Leyland Generator.


I hope that you have clear about the concept of Ashoka Leylonds Used Generators and helps when you purchase your generator for your personal use. Remember that what point you have to remember which gives you correct decisions toward investing your money into the used Know About Ashok Leyland Generator.   

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