Bad Study Habits that Ruin Your Mood to Study and Your Grades too

Bad Study Habits that Ruin Your Mood to Study and Your Grades too

7 Bad Study Habits that Ruin Your Mood to Study and Your Grades too!

Different people have different study methods. These are chosen depending on what suits every student the most, on what each of them prefer and is most comfortable in. You, too, have choices which you like better than others, but in turn, that others find less advantageous for them. Nevertheless, whatever study approaches you choose, make sure you do not carry along bad study habits. 

1 – Spending a lot of time on social media

Social media has become inevitable in this age of advanced technology. Communicating with people is most possible and accessible these days through social networking sites. Acquiring information needed for school, work and more happens more easily today because of social media. Sharing personal stories and spreading news can be done almost effortlessly since having social media accounts are enough to do so. In short, social media has become a necessity. 

Nevertheless, it becomes unhelpful to studies depending on how students use it. Spending a lot of time on social media can be really unhealthy and unproductive. You develop bad study habits when you choose to unnecessarily stay on social media over accomplishing your school tasks. It becomes a distraction. The effect is inefficient because instead of studying well and finishing assignments early, you extravagantly use social media. 

2 – Procrastination

One of the most common bad study habits is procrastination. Many can relate because many are guilty of procrastinating a lot. This is when you keep making excuses to do your school work later and to study later. Even when you don’t have anything else to do, you choose to set aside your tasks for now, and do them later. It could be because you are too lazy, or you are just very complacent that it’s not difficult and that you still have a lot of opportunities to carry them out.

You always confidently say, “I can do it later.” You say it over and over again until you don’t have much time left. This now leads to the next number. 

3 – Cramming

Since you voluntarily procrastinated earlier, you did not immediately realize that there actually are so many items on your to-do list. You did not notice that time flew by so quickly, and now, you have a much more limited time to fulfill your studying duties. 

It’s now or never, so the only choice on your plate is to cram. Cramming is one of the most popular bad study habits. Even those who suffer from stressful cramming sometimes still can’t help but make the same mistakes and cram again! 

While cramming has a few good effects, like actually giving you the inevitable motivation that deadlines pull out from you, most of the time, it really is not effective. Cramming prevents you from giving your full best because you have a huge time constraint here. Instead of thoroughly reviewing your lessons, some parts get sacrificed, and you just skim through them. Being in a hurry makes you miss a few pieces of information, which you would have not overlooked only if you were taking your time peacefully. 

4 – Over studying

Too much studying might also be unfavorable sometimes. This could be rare, but too much information in your head, combined with lack of rest and sleep, can cause you to forget or mix things up. Again, this could happen usually if you have turned very exhausted due to putting too much pressure on yourself as you study. Over studying is also not healthy. 

5 – Studying in the wrong place

The setting or environment where you study is very crucial. Sometimes it could be out of no-choice, but sometimes, it could also be due to bad study habits, that you end up studying in the wrong place.

For example, you go to a place where it’s so noisy and crowded. If you are not the type of student that is comfortable and fine with background noise while studying, you will not be able to concentrate well.

Another case is when you study on your bed. As you know, the bed is the place to sleep. If you study there, expectedly, you will get sleepy and feel listless. It’s a distraction-and-temptation-prone area, which will guarantee your failure to study attentively. 

6 – Studying with the wrong people

Bad study habits could also be because you choose to study with the wrong people. If you find it effective to be part of a study group, then the risk could enter when you have the wrong study buddies with you. 

They could be people who are not as heedful and regardful to studying as you. They give in to temptations of unnecessary chit chatting and making noise while in the middle of reviewing lessons for the exams. 

Also, you will realize that you are with the wrong study squad if they cannot respect your preferences when studying, like playing no music and studying early in the morning. This one’s a matter of preference, but at some point, you still decide to be with them, and that could become your bad study habit.

7 – Not taking breaks

Studying hard is a must, however, you must do it properly. Not taking breaks is one of the unhealthiest study habits of many hard working students. 

It’s right to do your best and exert every effort you can exert, but do not put your health at risk. Eat nutritious food, and eat on time. Take time to rest, sleep and have fun too. 

If you see fit, consider enrolling in online tutoring services, so you get coached and taught professionally while managing your time wisely. Whatever grade or year level you are in, there are online tutoring centers ready to help you.

Don’t lose yourself while trying to succeed in your studies. Your health is still more important than your grades. Make sure there’s balance.

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Nobody is perfect, and sometimes, everyone has shortcomings that lead to bad study habits. However, you should not make it your common lifestyle. Do not normalize it. Do not treat it as if it’s totally fine. Still, developing and maintaining good and proper study habits is the appropriate thing to do. It’s still the key to studying well and garnering favorable outcomes.

If you have any of these bad study habits, know that they must be eliminated and improved instead. It may not be easy for some, but take it slowly; that’s alright. Adjustments don’t happen overnight. What’s important is you are willing to get rid of these bad study habits and adopt good ones!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for InFlow Education, expert  tutoring services in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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