Munnar best time to visit with friends

Munnar best time to visit with friends

Munnar best time to visit with friends


Munnar is a small hamlet and hill state situated in the southwestern state of Kerala. Munnar is perched at 1600 meters above sea level in the western ghats mountain range. This destination is a popular tourist spot and is renowned as the “Kashmir of south India”. 

The word Munnar means three mountains, it got its name because Munnar is situated at the convergence of three mountain streams – Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala.

Munnar is surrounded by numerous hills and tea plantations attaining its untouched beauty.

This mesmerizing place is even a popular honeymoon destination due to its captivating beauty. The place is a symbol of exquisite natural beauty in itself which attracts an ample number of tourists to the destination

Best time to visit Munnar

The winter season is the most suitable time of the year to visit Munnar tour package from bangalore. From December to February, the weather is pleasant to enjoy your voyage at Munnar. The climate is moderate to support your exploration journey. During winter the weather is pleasant, it is neither much warmer nor much cooler. The weather is cozy and comfortable to relish every moment of your journey. 

How to reach Munnar

By air:-  

The proximate airport from Munnar is Cochin International Airport situated at a distance of 125 km away from Munnar. The tourists can easily grab a taxi just outside the airport which will take you to the heavenly land of Munnar. Cochin airport is connected to all the prominent cities of India as well as some of the major international cities.

By railways:- 

The proximate railway station from Munnar is Kochi or Ernakulam. From Kochi railway station tourists can get trains to all the major cities such as Delhi,  Kolkata, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore, and many more.

By road:- 

Munnar is well connected to different cities of Kerala and Tamil Nadu by state government public transport buses. Many tour providers organize packaged bus tour services from Cochin to Munnar. You can also obtain buses to the cities like Kochi (124 km), Thrissur (148 km), Madurai (152 km), Thiruvananthapuram (281 km), and many other cities as well. 

Best places to stay in Munna

The natural paradise of Munnar is also famous for the hospitality served by the inhabitants. There are various places to stay according to your convenience. Some of the best places to stay at Munnar are:-

Elephant passage:- 

The staff is warm with excellent services. This place is even famous for its quality of beverages. Even the rooms are well maintained which makes it the first choice of many travelers Best places to stay in Munnar. 

Amber dale luxury hotel and spa:- 

This grant hotel has the best ambiance and very cooperative staff who serves the best services. This hotel serves scrumptious food and even grants a relaxing spa experience, all at a reasonable expense. 

Chandys windy woods:- 

This hotel is renowned for its ambiance and the inhouse attractions such as waterfalls, swimming pools, campfire, spa, etc. The place is amazing to stay in and has the best scenic beauty and aesthetics.

Many other places give you comfortable experiences such as Parakkat Natural hotel and Resort, Devonshire greens leisure hotel and spa, Ayur county resorts, Blanket hotel and spa, Gokulam part, and many more. These places give you a chance to spend your precious time in the lap of nature and revive your soul and mind

Places to visit at Munnar

There are many places to visit and relish nature at Munnar. Some of these amazing places include:-

Tourists must visit the amazing Tea gardens at Munnar. These places are simply captivating and breathtaking. These places will make you get indulged in their natural beauty and forget all the worries of life. There you can even get the experience of a tea plantation and even visit the nearby tea factory to gain knowledge about tea processing and even taste some scrumptious beverage.

Visit the Top station at Munnar which is the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu and it is the topmost point of Munnar. The scenic beauty from the top will leave you in awe. 

Tourists must visit the Rajmahal national park to witness some of the rarest species of flora and fauna. You can get a glimpse of Nilgiri tahr which is the unique goat at Munnar among all varieties of flora and fauna. 

Visit the Kalahari kshetra to learn about the unique culture of the place and even get the opportunity to witness some amazing martial art practices at Munnar. 

There are many other captivating places to visit and relish the explicit experience.


If you are fed up with nowadays’s hectic lifestyle then Munnar is the place to visit. Munnar will surely work as a breath of fresh air away from busy city life. The uniqueness of the place, its greenery, and its natural beauty will make you want to never leave the place. At Munnar, the tourists will make some memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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