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5 Best Time Management Apps For Teachers To Stay Focused

5 Best Time Management Apps For Teachers To Stay Focused

5 Best Time Management Apps For Teachers To Stay Focused

The old saying “A goal with no plan is nothing but just a wish” is still true and fits especially to teachers juggling different tasks every day, looking for ways and some time to explore their extra interests. The key here is time management. Every day the life of a teacher can be chaotic which is why in this piece today, we’re discussing some of the best time management apps for teachers to become more productive and stay focused. 

We all are aware that being a teacher is not only about teaching. It’s also about all the paperwork, feedback, reporting, organizing & planning. If we don’t organize from time to time things get piled up, so how do you keep track of all this? Let us help you with some of the time management tools professionals love to use in the education industry.


Slack is a work software that has established itself in our lives precisely by feeling, unlike work software. It is a workplace messaging application used by organizations to exchange files and messages. There are two basic ways to use Slack: direct messages (person-to-person chat) and channels (group chat). Some of the key things to take into account when using Slack – Slack name, the list of channels where you are a member, and the chat window. When starting with Slack select a name for your account which will become part of your unique URL. Slack channels can be both private and public. Some of the important noteworthy uses of Slack include: 

  • Slack can replace messaging, emails, and instant chat all in one software.
  • You can share files, images, written documents, and videos with your teammates.
  • It can also be used for audio and video conference calls. 
  • You can create a fun and easy-to-use community for all your teammates, whether they’re in the office or not. 

With its asynchronous work flexibility, everyone in the organization can have access to the same shared and searchable documents and can stay easily connected with other teammates. 


Trello is an easily manageable tool experts use to organize projects and tasks. It can be used to track ongoing projects, highlight tasks, and see who is assigned to them, as well as how they are progressing. Trello’s key components include boards, lists, and cards. Board is the starting point to get all the focus when starting any new task. Within each board, lists can be created to indicate the progress of the project and individual cards hold the information on a specific task. Cards can showcase a broad range of information including file attachments, text descriptions, automation, comments, and more. The advantages of using time management tools for teachers are

  • It’s free and can be used right after signing up.
  • It follows the popular methodology of the Kanban system to achieve lean management. 
  • With a user-friendly interface, it has a less complex pricing structure. 
  • In Trello, all the details of one particular project can be accessed on one page. 


This beforehand and innovative platform is a cloud-based teaching scheduling software. If you haven’t used it yet here’s all you need to know about it. Picktime is super stacked with powerful features to help you easily schedule one-on-one or group classes. Great teachers do all of it. Across all ages, subjects, ethnicities, and languages teachers are some of the most widely skilled people. Molding little brains and giving students support in every aspect is not an easy job. With Picktime’s exciting features you can make this process effortless. With Picktime booking software you can reduce the efforts and time you put into meeting each student.  Some of the key features of Picktime are

  • Personalized booking page with a unique URL
  • Attendance & waitlist
  • Multiple location access
  • Online Calendar
  • SMS & email reminders
  • Payment & invoice handling
  • Integration with leading apps – PayPal, Square, Zoom, Skype, Wix, Drupal, Mailchimp, CRMs, and many others. 

With its powerful capabilities, Picktime combines ease of use and flexibility, which makes it one of the effective time management tools for teachers across a wide range of use cases. 

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One of the most important things to measure your time management is by checking on your tasks and finding room for improvement. Toggl makes this task easy for all the teachers. With its visual time tracking tool you can create exportable reports in just a few clicks. Toggl is an easy way to track and plan your day. It’s suitable for both educational and official purposes. You can log and categorize your working hours to plan future projects and identify the tasks that consume most of your time. Toggl also provides an automated time-tracking system to keep you sharp. Some of the most used Toggl features are

  • Time tracking
  • Ease of completing a timesheet
  • Team management
  • Invoice creation and delivery


In the list of time management tools for teachers, Evernote is a free note-taking and daily task organizer to capture ideas, thoughts, and images. Its features include scheduling and designing agendas and reminders to improve the productivity and workflow of teachers. Using Evernote you can record meetings, share web attachments, lists, speeches, any text or voice attachments, and other ideas. It can be synced with all devices and users can scan business cards, whiteboards, paper documents, and handwritten notes. There are different premium features available with different plans based on the location of the user. 

There, you have the list of time management tools for teachers. Successful time management is the base of becoming a better teacher. It will allow you to focus more on the most important thing – students. Whichever tool you pick it should be handy, adaptable, and boost your productivity.

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