Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator

Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generators

A diesel generator is used to generate electric energy by utilizing a diesel engine beside a generator. This diesel generator is generally utilized in places where people face power blackouts as often as possible or where there is no electricity line connection came to Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generators. 

To use a diesel generator, you need to know about its diesel consumption. In this blog, we have told about the diesel consumption of a generator with differential power output.

This table is just a sign. Accurate utilization may shift somewhat because of different variables. 

Diesel Fuel Consumption Table – 

Generator Size On 25% load  On 50% load  On 75% load  On Full load 
8kW / 10kVA 0.8 ltr/hr 1.3 ltr/hr 1.8 ltr/hr 2.4 ltr/hr
10kW / 12kVA 0.9 ltr/hr 1.6 ltr/hr 2.2 ltr/hr 2.9 ltr/hr
12kW / 15kVA 1.2 ltr/hr 2 ltr/hr 2.7 ltr/hr 3.6 ltr/hr
16kW / 20kVA 1.5 ltr/hr 2.5 ltr/hr 3.6 ltr/hr 4.8 ltr/hr
20kW / 25kVA 1.8 ltr/hr 3 ltr/hr 4.5 ltr/hr 6 ltr/hr
24kW / 30kVA 2.2 ltr/hr 3.7 ltr/hr 5.4 ltr/hr 7.2 ltr/hr
32kW / 40kVA 2.9 ltr/hr 5.0 ltr/hr 7.2 ltr/hr 9.6 ltr/hr
40kW / 50kVA 3.6 ltr/hr 6.2 ltr/hr 9.0 ltr/hr 12 ltr/hr
60kW / 75kVA 5.4 ltr/hr 9.4 ltr/hr 13.5 ltr/hr 18 ltr/hr
80kW / 100kVA 7.2 ltr/hr 12.5 ltr/hr 18 ltr/hr 24 ltr/hr
120kW / 150kVA 10.8 ltr/hr 18.8 ltr/hr 27 ltr/hr 36 ltr/hr
160kW / 200kVA 14.4 ltr/hr 25.0 ltr/hr 36 ltr/hr 48 ltr/hr
200kW / 250kVA 18.0 ltr/hr 31.2 ltr/hr 45 ltr/hr 60 ltr/hr
280kW / 350kVA 25.2 ltr/hr 43.7 ltr/hr 63 ltr/hr 84 ltr/hr
400kW / 500kVA 36.0 62.4 90.0 120.0


Fuel is the foundation of your generator’s presentation and will decide how successful the arrangement will be for you. At the point when you choose higher-grade fuel, a higher fuel/power yield proportion is kept up which decreases diesel generator and fuel utilization. 

Diesel Fuel Storage 

Essentially, diesel fuel should just be put away for 6 to12 months. In the best of conditions, it might be conceivable to keep up it somewhat more. To expand this length, the fuel must be spotless, regardless, kept cool at roughly 70 ° F, looked after appropriately, and treated consistently with stabilizers and biocides. 

At the point when this doesn’t occur, hydrolysis, microbial development, and oxidation can happen, which harms the nature of the fuel. For instance, when diesel interacts with water, it causes fuel breakdown. This incorporates a buildup collection of water beads hitting the fuel surface from the tank rooftop. Microbial development makes acids that can corrupt fuel and stop the progression of fluids as the tank obstructs which will before long leave you looking for another motor. 

Oxidation occurs as a substance response when the fuel is in contact with oxygen. This hazard happens quickly when the item leaves the treatment facility – the procedure might be moderate however it doesn’t stop. Oxidation can make high corrosive qualities, which can prompt the development of slime and residue. 

Things to think about Diesel Generator 

At whatever point you choose to get a diesel generator, you need to give full consideration to the fuel utilization by the diesel generator every hour. The getting of the generator is one time, however, the expense of fuel will be your common costs. A top-notch Selecting fuel will guarantee that the generator stays in a situation to improve its life span and lower utilization of Genset fuel over the long haul Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generators. 

Diesel is truly shaky in nature. Diesel should be dealt with cautiously when putting away to shield it from any erosion. Diesel fuel has the property of being oxidized or re-polymerized on the off chance that it isn’t put away appropriately. At the point when presented to high moistness and high temperatures, the impetus splitting of overwhelming powers, for example, diesel makes diesel decay or crumble. 

We should keep up the diesel generator well and have a smaller-scale suspension incorporated with the fuel channel to forestall any earth or rust. A perfect and streamlined fuel channel lessens diesel generator fuel utilization. The arrangement of slime in the fuel channel likewise influences the fuel utilization of the power Genset


Everyone is worried about the diesel fuel of their generator, how much fuel they will have. In this post, we describe the fuel consumption of diesel generators. If you want any help related to the generator service, you can contact the Energy group. fuel consumption of diesel generators, causes of high fuel consumption in diesel generators, fuel consumption of caterpillar diesel generators, diesel fuel generators prices, how much diesel to run a generator, how much fuel to run a generator, how fuel efficient are generators, can diesel generators run on biodiesel, diesel gerater kitna diesal pita hai consumption calculation in the generator, how much fuel does a diesel generator burn per hour, how efficient are diesel generators.

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