Hampi The Best Getaway for you

Hampi The Best Getaway for you

Hampi The Best Getaway for you 


Hampi is a provincial town in the Vijayanagara district positioned in east-central Karnataka.  It is UNESCO’s world heritage site, which enhances its prominence. During the period of 14th century Hampi was the capital of prosperous state of vijayanagara empire which makes it important in historical sense as well.

Hampi is positioned on the bank of the Tungabhadra river near the frontier of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The river tends to enhance its scenic beauty. There are numerous spiritual temples as well as historical and cultural sites of importance that are must visit in Hampi. 

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Best time to visit Hampi

The winter season is contemplated as the most adequate time of the year to visit Hampi. The period includes November to February. During this period, the weather is fascinating to enjoy sightseeing and exploration. The elevated temperature during winter is approximately 32 degree Celsius and the meagerest temperature is 12 degree Celsius.  The atmosphere during the day is pleasurable while at night it gets a little chilly. The climate will work in your favor if you plan on enjoying winters in Hampi.

 Hampi is a place full of wonders and there are multiple places to visit, ruins to explore, and things to relish at Hampi.

Ruins of Hampi

Hampi is a place of historical importance. The visit to Hampi will take you back to the time of Raja Krishnadev Raya and you will get a glimpse of the ancient time of royalty in the ruins of Hampi.

Some of the major ruin sites to explore at Hampi are:-

  • Mahanavami Dibba 

Located on one of the highest points of the city, mahanavami Dibba is one of the most significant historical sites to witness in Hampi. It is a massive platform rising from a base of about 11000 sq feet to a height of 40 ft. And the base is covered with intricate relief carvings. It is believed that the platform is associated with the festival of Mahanavmi celebrated in October. The festival was lavishly celebrated at this historical place.

  • Audience hall

The audience hall is a high platform with several slots of wooden pillars to support the platform at close intervals. The hall had a staircase going to the second floor. The pillars are closely placed. This gives a beautiful view and this place will take you back to the time of kings and queens.

  • Lotus mahal

One of the most beautiful buildings among the ruins of Hampi is the exquisite lotus mahal. Historians suggest that this place was used as a meeting chamber for royalty. The beauty and the intricate architecture of the place will leave the tourists mesmerized.

  • Hazara Rama temple

Among the ruins, the Hazara Rama temple is the most sacred of all. The images in the central shrine are missing but the sculpted panels on the walks telling the stories of the epic Ramayana have survived to date. And this building has a peaceful and spiritual aura in itself.

Other places to visit

Hampi is a hub of spirituality and ancient temples. The existence of Virupaksha and Vitthala temples boosts the religious and spiritual significance of the place. It also captivates an ample number of tourists to Hampi. The intricate carvings tell a unique story and the ancient architectural style acquired in Hampi is a wonder in itself.

The vast landscape and the elongated boulders at Hampi make it a promising place for getting a kick out of a thrilling rock climbing experience. Hampi is inferred to stand as the top rock-climbing site in our country. Turn around your eyes, and you are a sure shot at unearthing colossal granite rocks and crags.

Other things to do at Hampi

Coracle riding is one of the delightful Things to Do in Hampi when you visit the Tungabhadra river. Residents of the Tungabhadra territory call it a country boat that can carry around six to eight people at a time. This can be a new and exhilarating experience for all the tourists.

Recognized as lord hanuman’s birthplace that consents spiritual significance to the place. Anjaneya Hills persists at the center of the Anegondi region. Hilltop here ascertains a wonderful view making photographers fall in love with this place. Also, you can notice the baffling look of paddy fields, sprawling coconut plantations, and ruins that sprawl all along the horizons.


Hampi is a destination full of beauty and wonders. The place assists the best experience of sightseeing and will certainly be a memorable voyage. This place is away from all the humdrum of life and will bestow you peace of mind and soul. 

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