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Benefits of Outsourcing Product Data Entry Services in 2023

eCommerce Product Data Entry

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Product Data Entry Services Provider

Data management is essential for most businesses these days. It’s one of the most critical factors for creating profitable ventures and gaining the upper hand over competitors. Especially for eCommerce businesses, product data entry work must be accurate, updated, and frequent. Poor data entry management in eCommerce will lead to poor customer experience, which will impact sales directly. However, since sellers usually have hundreds (even thousands) of products listed in their stores, outsourcing eCommerce data entry services is a better way for them to handle all that data. All related issues can be easily eliminated by hiring an efficient and effective data entry outsourcing agency. In this guide, you will learn the essential steps for hiring data entry services for your eCommerce store. Also, you will come across various benefits of outsourcing compared to an in-house team. Continue reading to learn more.

Why and How to Outsource eCommerce Data Entry

Competition in the eCommerce business is more than ever, and its growth won’t slow down anytime soon. It’s expected to go double by the end of 2025. Platforms like WordPress, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, etc., have already made it extremely easy and quick to open an eCommerce store. As per a report published in June 2022, there are about 18 million authorized eCommerce businesses across the globe. In this competitive era, trying to manage everything on your own and still expecting to make your mark is pretty unrealistic. Hence, it’s an important and intelligent decision to seek assistance from experts. However, it is necessary to take stock of your business activities and choose which tasks you can delegate to an external support partner. eCommerce product data entry is one such activity.

In this guide, you will get to know why it is smart for a business to outsource eCommerce product data entry services and the most crucial steps to finding and finalizing suitable outsourcing agencies.

Benefits of outsourcing data entry services

  1. Ease in Catalog Management:

Catalog management requires uploading thousands of products, each requiring a unique title, description, pictures, categorizing, etc. It can take a lot of your employee’s valuable time and effort. That’s where eCommerce product data entry services come into action and save you time & ease in catalog management. The time your business will save from catalog management can be put into more productive tasks like SEO, framing marketing strategies, campaign creation, etc.

  1. Highly Cost-Efficient:

Having an in-house department will not only increase the burden but will also take a lot of resources (like tools, subscriptions, etc.) on a regular basis, resulting in high costs. Whereas if your business outsources eCommerce data entry services, you can choose to pay in various methods like an hourly basis, project basis, etc. An in-house team can never beat an outsourcing agency in cost-effectiveness.

  1. Availability of Latest Technology & Tools:

An eCommerce business cannot just upload product images, write casual titles & descriptions and wait for buyers to purchase the item. To increase your product’s organic visibility and make it appear in most search results, you must keep making changes as per the market trends. Training your in-house team every now and then is a highly inconvenient option as it will consume a lot of time and money and may even require a dedicated training team. In contrast, most data entry outsourcing agencies already have a dedicated training team to keep their employees up-to-date with the latest tools & methods.

  1. Multiple Competitive Advantages:

Updating hundreds of products on a frequent basis is difficult and inconvenient for any in-house team. It may also steal from their productive time and may harm their performance (and your sales). In contrast, the employee count in outsourcing agencies is usually enough to manage varying workloads. That allows your team to focus on more productive and critical business tasks. 

  1. Tried & Tested SEO Strategies:

As per the report from October 2022, about 66% of people conduct online research before finalizing their purchases from eCommerce stores. Data entry outsourcing agencies also have experts in SEO experienced in working for different types of eCommerce business clients. eCommerce product data entry services providers are experts in providing high-quality images, search engine-based titles, creating persuading descriptions, etc.

Steps to choose your provider for product data entry services

  1. Ask for Sample Work

One of the most important steps in choosing your data entry service provider is asking for demo work. This way, you will get to know their quality of work, timely delivery, how effectively they can implement your feedback, etc. Additionally, check their testimonials carefully to find out how satisfied their existing clients are.

  1. Seamless Communication

When your business outsources e-commerce data entry services, you must keep seamless communication as a deal maker and deal breaker. That’s because, unlike other businesses, an eCommerce business will need to communicate with outsourcing clients more often. Also, check if they agree to provide regular updates between the projects.

  1. Level of Customization

The eCommerce industry isn’t the only business requiring outsourcing data entry services. In fact, other types of business need it more than eCommerce. You don’t want to end up partnering with an agency that’s not an eCommerce expert but specializes in another type of industry. Check if they have enough customization to provide eCommerce-specific product data entry services.

  1. Flexibility & Scalability

Suppose you’re outsourcing your eCommerce data entry work to a tenured and big agency. In that case, you probably don’t need to worry about scalability, as such agencies are almost always prepared for a sudden surge in work. But if you’re outsourcing your eCommerce product data entry services to a small agency or a new agency (less than ten years tenure), then you must confirm their scalability and flexibility.

  1. Business Credibility & Project Cost:

Once you have followed all the above steps and shortlisted a few outsourcing agencies, it’s time to evaluate one last stage. Ask for all the certificates of the outsourcing agency; this will help you identify their credibility. Additionally, check their ratings on third-party sites, on their social media handles, etc. Once done with it, you’re ready to go with the cheapest option from your final shortlist.


You’re now aware of the most crucial steps of choosing an eCommerce product data entry services provider. In addition, you have gone through the benefits of outsourcing eCommerce product data entry services as compared to an in-house team. 

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When hearing about outsourcing agencies, the first factor that comes into any businessmen’s mind is cost-effectiveness. However, today outsourcing agencies are far more than just cost-efficient; they can beat any in-house team in quality work and yield an overall better return on investment. Therefore, for an eCommerce store’s smooth and swift running, it’s undoubtedly a smart decision to outsource data entry work.

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