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How to Foreclose Aadhar Housing Finance Limited Loan

How to Foreclose Aadhar Housing Finance Limited Loan

If you have any loan going on in Aadhar Housing then how to foreclose it, we tell you step by step about it, please read it carefully and know how we can foreclose Aadhar Housing Finance Limited Home Loan

Aadhar housing loan foreclose can be done in two ways, one way you can fill the loan with your own money and second way you can transfer it balance to any other bank with foreclose aadhar housing loan.

Let us know how if we want to close the loan with our own money.

  • First of all you have to contact the home branch of your aadhar housing from where you took the loan.
  • After going there you have to give photocopy of aadhar card and pan card of any one from applicant or co-applicant and charge of 590 is foreclose aadhar Housing Loan.
  • You can only do it from 1st to 25th of every month, the bank officials will give you your documents and a charge of Rs 590 to close your loan and give you a slip of the same.
  • It takes 15 days for the loan focus letter to arrive, however this is not the case in all the cases, this letter may come to you in 2 days.
  • You will get a verification call from the bank officer and will verify from you that you have to send it.
  • After knowing why you are closing or why you are getting it balance transfer Aadhar Housing Finance Limited Loan.
  • He will tell you the right time to visit the bank and say that you can deposit all your money in the bank through check or DD. 

You will have to make a check or DD in favor of Aadhar Housing Finance Limited, for this bank officials will give you a foreclosure letter, in which your balance amount is written along with all the charges.

Are there any additional loan closure charges?

If you talk about additional charges, then you will be charged interest in the additional fee in the month in which you are getting it closed, along with document and handling charges + GST, which amount to 2500-3000 rupees.

When we will get the property papers that we had deposited there while taking the loan

We tell you the answer to this that if money has been deducted from your account, then within 15 to 30 days you will get the property papers, but this property paper will come to your home branch, whenever it comes to your home branch. You will get a call asking you to collect your documents,

In this, both the applicant and the co-applicant will have to go to the branch and sign some document and take back your property paper, after that you will get the noc immediately. how to foreclose aadhar housing finance limited loan online and how to foreclose aadhar housing finance limited loan in india and how to foreclose aadhar housing finance limited loan in usa and how to foreclose aadhar housing finance limited loan calculator and how to foreclose aadhar housing finance limited loan.

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Final Word

Here is the Process for loan foreclosed from Aadhar Housing i hope you understand the article thanks for your love and support. foreclose an existing home loan, Aadhar Housing Finance Home Loan foreclose, foreclose aadharhousing loan application.

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