How to watch ad free videos on Youtube free

How to watch ad-free videos on Youtube free

Ads will not be visible on YouTube, the way to remove it is very easy, small settings have to be done

How to Block YouTube Ads: Are you tired of skipping ads on YouTube? In a very easy way, you can get rid of this hassle for free.
For this you have to make a small setting, which is very easy. Immediately after this setting, you will start getting Ad Free Experience on YouTube.

Let’s know the complete process.

Almost everyone who uses a smartphone is familiar with the name of YouTube. This platform has a different dominance in video consumption. One big reason for this is YouTube being free. That is, you can easily access it only on the basis of internet. However, nothing comes for free. A price has to be paid for this. Same is the case with YouTube as well. Even if you think that you are watching videos for free on YouTube, but it is not so. For this you are paying a hidden charge.

It is charged in the form of aids. You see many ads on this platform and you spend data to see these ads. Have you ever noticed that no matter what the quality of YouTube video is?

The quality of ads is always crystal clear. Now the question is, can you not watch YouTube without ads. You can see it at all, but for this you will have to spend money. That is, you have to take a subscription to YouTube Premium.


Money will be spent on Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium subscription starts at Rs 129. Although you also get free access to YouTube subscription with some phones, but this access is only for a few days. If you get too much, you will get one year free subscription. By the way, there are other ways to get Ad Free YouTube Experience.

This is the easy and free way

If you watch YouTube on a web browser, you can use Ad Blocker. With the help of the Adblock For YouTube extension, you can easily block ads that appear on YouTube.

The good thing is that you can use this extension on any browser, Chrome and Edge. After this extension you will get Ad Free YouTube Experience. There is another way that you can take help of.


Under this you have to download Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser from Google Play Store. After installing this third party app, you can watch ad free YouTube. This app is a simple browser, which blocks all the ads on its platform. You can also try other apps.

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