Jasmy Coin Price Prediction 2025

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction 2022

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction 2025

Tabel of Contents

  • Key Takeaways 
  • Introduction
  • Jasmy Coin price prediction today
  • Jasmy Technical Analysis 
  • Jasmy Chain Analysis 
  • Jasmy price in November 2022
  • Jasmy Price Prediction 2025 
  • Conclusion

Key Takeaways

  • Jasmy coin market capitalisation is $24,883,220 and the coin ranks #614 in the market based on the market cap. Trade volume of the coin is 7.2749. 
  • The coin’s value today is $0.005497. The coin value has been rising for the past few days. Traders can invest in it to earn good returns. 


Jasmy coin is an Ethereum token. It empowers Jasmy which is an organisation developing IOT (Internet of Things). The aim of the coin is to decentralise the process using edge computing and storing the data on IPFS. 

Also, the coin can be used to transfer tokens between devices and payment networks. A profitable coin to trade online with good market value. The coin has been on a rise for seven days. 

Traders can expect an increase and therefore should be its price prediction. Here is a brief analysis of Jasmy coin price prediction 2025. 

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Jasmy Price Prediction Today


Details Jasmy Coin
Current Price $0.005446
Jasmy Price Prediction for today $0.00564
Volatility  7.05%
50-day SMA $0.006043
14 day RSI 53.383433
Sentiment  Bearish
Fear and Greed Index 30 (Fear)
Green Days  11/30 (37%)
200-Day SMA 0.010255


The tabel gives all the significant details of the Jasmy coin. Traders can easily analyse the position it holds and what should be their trading decision. Price prediction of the coin says that the coin is at a rise by 10.24% in the last seven days. 

Besides, it has 92% buy and 8% sell activity. If we take the Simple moving average (SMA) for more than 50 days then its sell for traders. However, less than that is buy. 

Market sentiment is bearish so traders have to be careful with their market actions. 

Jasmy Technical Analysis

The below given technical analysis of the Jasmy coin clearly indicates its price rise in November 2022. Traders can expect to earn from the bearish trend for the short term. It is today’s chart presentation of the Jasmy coin. 

However, it long investments it is recommended to check the market changes and volatility before investing. 

  • The sentiment of Coin in the market is bearish still traders can see an increase in price. 
  • The prices of the coin are also increasing between november and december months. So, traders can expect good trade. 
  • The coin is expected to reach the price level of $0.00564. 

Jasmy on Chain Analysis

The chain analysis chart of Jasmy shows how the coin has been rising today. The following points are visible: 

  • Jasmy coin has trade volume of 15.1 billion in the last twenty four hours. 
  • The rise in the coin value indicates a good market trend. Traders can buy the coin but should also analyse in advance when to sell. 
  • The circulation supply of the coin is 4.8JASMY.
  • The hold time of the coin is 7 days. 
  • Price change in the last seven days is 10.24%. 

Jasmy price in November 2022

The price of Jasmy is expected to reach $0.005355266198903. The coin started at $0.005122745369755. During the month the market analysts expect the coin to have a maximum forecast JASMY price of $0.16794807570091 and the minimum price of $0.011420469147662. 

The coin looks quite promising in the month of November. However, traders should analyse and research before making any decision. 

Jasmy Price Prediction 2025 

Jasmy price prediction in 2023 is based on the analysis of the previous years. The coin is assumed to be at a minimum price of $0.0079992. The maximum price of the coin is expected to reach $0.009999. 

On average the price of a coin is $0.0079992. 

In 2024, Jasmy coin price prediction on technical analysis says that the minimum and maximum price prediction are: 

Minimum price: $0.0119988

Maximum price: $0.0139986

Whereas, the price prediction for 2025 says that the Jasmy coin will have a minimum price of $0.0179982. The maximum price of a coin will be $0.019998 and the average price will be $0.0179982. 


Jasmy coin has good market value as of 2022. The coin has been rising with volatility of 10.24% in the last seven days. Besides, its volume is good and it has good buying activity with less sales. 

The article has composed all the price changes and predictions till 2025. Traders can analyse it and make their calculated decisions. 

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