Keeping Relationships: 6 Reasons Why It’s Important to Say “No” Sometimes

Keeping Relationships

Keeping Relationships: 6 Reasons Why It’s Important to Say “No” Sometimes

Humans are relational beings. People value important relationships and keep them like treasures. As much as possible, you avoid doing or saying anything that might hurt the feelings of your loved ones. You treat family members and friends dearly as you aim to take care of the relationships you cherish.

That is exactly why more often than not, turning down your loved ones’ requests or invitations feels like a sin. It feels like not going to a friend’s housewarming party. It makes you feel bad when you fail to give what your family member wants. Sometimes, when your significant other asks you out on a date, but you are not in the mood, rejecting the invite will make you feel uneasy while thinking about how they would feel. 

Indeed, it is just right and thoughtful to always be considerate of other people and their feelings and situations. In many instances, you feel like you mostly need to prioritize others over yourself, however, it should not be like that at all times. 

Keeping relationships is not a one-sided effort. You can be the one who should be understood, too. Here are 6 reasons why it’s important to learn to say “no” sometimes.     

1 – It allows you to set healthy boundaries in relationships. 

When you keep agreeing to everything and everyone, they might think that anything and everything is alright with you. They will not know what you actually hold as a person. For people who do not take time to understand and consider others’ feelings, they might have the tendency to abuse your kindness and availability in everything put in front of you. That will not be healthy for yourself. 

Saying “no” sometimes is very important as it allows you to set healthy boundaries in your relationships. Your loved ones and colleagues will perceive the kind of person that you are and will treat you with regards to the limits you have set.

These boundaries let other people know where they should stand. 

2 – It lets you enjoy your own freedom in a healthy way.

Always serving other people’s choices keeps you from making your own. On the other hand, saying “no” sometimes lets you enjoy your own freedom in a healthy way. You get to do what you really want to do. You get to be in places you want to be in. It means you are not bound by other people’s suggestions towards you. You appreciate them and are grateful for them, but they are not your sole basis in what you do. Your freedom is valuable, so do not let anyone let you think that it’s worthless. 

3 – It protects you from possible harm. 

If you have relationships that put you at risk of danger, saying “no” is the best key to get out of them. When there are loved ones who tempt you or urge you to do something wrong, something that will hurt others, something that will negatively affect yourself, be smart to say “no.” Know when to say “no” to people, even when they are your closest chums. Saying “no” will keep you safe from possible harm, both intentional and unintentional.

Legal help from seasoned lawyers will help you in the face of threats thrown to you by people dear to you but are pushing you to do wrongful acts. 

4 – It keeps you from doing something apart from your own values. 

When you have your own beliefs, you live by them, and so, naturally, you have accountability to advocate and speak up for it. Having the ability to say “no” is one way you can guard your treasured standpoints in life. 

Saying “no” keeps you from doing something apart from your own values. It draws a thick line between your values and the things that violate or offend them. In that way, you avoid sinning if it’s against your spiritual beliefs. You get to protect your peace as well. And you will not be forced to do something that, you know, you will regret for a long time, if not a lifetime. 

5 – It helps you avoid peer pressure.

Most of the time, it’s hard to say “no” to your closest buddies. They give you a list of reasons why you should go with them or do what they do. That’s why you go to a party you don’t even want to participate in. Or you go home really really late because they keep on telling you that it’s fine to stay up a little later. Those are just a few of the many situations that exist. 

Saying “no” helps you avoid peer pressure, and so, you can avoid such circumstances that turn you into a stubborn person or that constrains you from following rules. 

6 – It values self-respect, so others would respect you better, too.

Last but not the least, saying “no” sometimes values self-respect, so others would respect you better, too. When you respect your own self by taking care of your choices and perspectives in life, others will know that they have to respect them, too. They will not attempt overstepping your personal space because the way you esteem your own urges them to hold it dearly. 



In a relationship, it’s very important that every party involved makes an effort to maintain and protect the relationship itself. The suffix “-ship” wouldn’t have been written there if it’s a one-man team. 

While you love and care for your beloved family and friends, know that you deserve the same love and respect you give to others – or more than that. Yes, you are willing to do anything for them, but do not ever forget to value yourself, too. 

Do not be scared to say “no” to them sometimes, especially when yourself needs you more than those people and their choices. As an individual, you have the ability to decide for yourself as well, just like other people do for their own selves. Do not think that you should always depend on others. Do not let others’ feelings always dictate your actions and decisions. 

Doing so will make you feel happier and freer from the pressures of this world. Furthermore, you will know the actual people to value and keep in your life.  

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