The Aims of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

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The Aims of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Lately, false eyelashes have become a very popular item with fashion lovers. Your makeover, especially the formal one, is incomplete until you have put on those sleek curly lashes. They certainly uplift the overall look of formal makeup. However, eyelashes are among the most fragile of the fashion items. They need to be protected against damage that may result from pollutants and careless handling. Besides, the excessive touch by the customers can also increase the chances of damage to the eyelashes. Hence they need to be packed in the proper eyelash packaging boxes.

These custom eyelash boxes should protect the eyelashes while at the same time making them visible to the customers. Eyelash packaging with your company’s logo creates a lasting impression on the target audience while protecting the eyelashes. Here are a few points to consider while you order your custom eyelash boxes from a wholesale box manufacturer;

Your Boxes Should Provide Utmost Protection

Protecting the product is, without any doubt, the pivotal function of any packaging box. This is especially true for fragile items like eyelashes. 

Your custom eyelash boxes should have the considerable strength to keep the eyelashes intact during transit, and when handled carelessly by the courier staff. They should be capable of protecting the eyelashes when they are exposed to excessive touch by the customers.

Moreover, the boxes should not lose their shape too easily because a damaged box can tarnish the image of your brand. The boxes should also have proper slots to keep the eyelashes in place and restrict their mobility.

A highly protective eyelash box can be ensured only when you are extra cautious in selecting the stock for your boxes. Never compromise on the quality of the material to be used for your cosmetic packaging. Moreover you should ensure that the additional reinforcements are provided at the crucial points of the box. For example, the corners of the box should be durable enough to keep their shape. 

Go for the Advanced Printing Options

Going for some advanced printing options can add the real value to the boxes and hence to your product. Embossed or debossed logos for instance give a 3D effect and attract attention. Besides, the spot UV and the gold or silver foiling can make your boxes prominent among the other brands and help your customers remember your logo and easily recognise it. 

These additions may seem like an increase in the packaging cost but they actually pay off in innumerable ways. A professional, high quality packaging earns goodwill and gives your brand an elite impression. The more effort you put into designing a stunning box, the more likely you are to be noticed. 

Finish You Boxes Well

If you really want to design a professional box, then the final coating is not just an option, it is an ultimate prerequisite for a successful custom packaging. The boxes which are finished well and provided an additional coating radiate professionalism amidst the other packaging boxes

The wholesale packaging boxes manufacturers offer a huge variety of the final finishing options. Some of the common ones used by most customers include the gloss finish, the semi gloss coating, the aqueous coating, the matte finish and the rose gold finish. These coatings protect the printed text while adding value to the box. 

Ask for A Sample

Most custom packaging companies offer a complimentary 3D sample or a flat sample before you place the final bulk order with them. However, it is highly recommended that you ask for a physical sample. The physical sample gives you a better idea of the quality of the material the company uses for your boxes.

Moreover, it helps you get a feel of the final coating. A physical sample can be used to judge the precision of the size. It lets you know how snugly your product fits into the box. So in addition to the 3D and flat samples, you should always ask for the physical samples.

This will help you make the final changes to your box according to your needs until it is exactly according to your aspirations and hence the disappointments in the future can be avoided both for you and the packaging company.

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