The Reason To Visit Kashmir And Why Should One Start Searching For Good Kashmir Tour Packages.

The Reason To Visit Kashmir And Why Should One Start Searching For Good Kashmir Tour Packages.

The Reason To Visit Kashmir And Why Should One Start Searching For Good Kashmir Tour Packages.

Kashmir aptly called “Heaven on earth” by famous poets, is also described as being the land of valleys, the land of lakes and the land of mountains. The natural beauty of Kashmir has been covered extensively in written memoirs of famous people, in films and in novels. So if one hasn’t visited Kashmir even once, here are some reasons to why should he immediately start searching for good Kashmir tour packages places to visit in kashmir.

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The scenic beauty of snow-covered mountain ranges

Kashmir is bordered by Karakoram range in the north, Pir-Panjal range in the south and the famous Himalayas in the middle. The scenic view offered by these towering snow-capped mountains alone is worth visiting Kashmir. As the Himalayan range is one of the highest mountain ranges in India, there are few places in the world that would offer such beautiful, towering mountains to its visitors.

The climate of Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the places in India, where it is cold ( in respect to the temperatures in the plains) throughout the year and one of the few places in India, where one can experience snowfalls for sure. So, if one is looking for relief from the intensive summer heat of the plains, Kashmir is a place to visit, so go start searching for good Kashmir Tour Packages places to visit in kashmir.

The beautiful valleys of Kashmir

True to its name as ‘the land of valleys’ Kashmir has several valleys such as the eponymously named Kashmir valley, Gulmarg Valley, Pahalgam valley, Sonmarg valley and may more. These valleys provide a lush scenery of forests with clear rivers running in between, a scene made much more beautiful by the blooming flowers in the autumn season places to visit in kashmir.

The lakes of Kashmir

The largest freshwater lake in India, lake Wular is in Kashmir as well as one of the most beautiful lakes in India – Dal lake. Other popular lakes of Kashmir include – Mansar and Surinsar Lake, Nagin, Gadsar, Mansabal, Pangong and many others. These lakes offer a unique experience of houseboat rides, floating markets, traveling intricate waterways and the serenity of the vast expanse of water. So if one wants to experience these activities along with the rich biodiversity in the area, he should definitely visit Kashmir.

The culture of Kashmir

The culture of Kashmir is another important reason for people to book Kashmir Tour Packages for visiting. The highlights of this culture include –

  • An important part of this culture is the traditional Kashmiri cuisine. With distinct dishes like – Rogen Josh, Yakhni, Goshtaba, Soon Pulav, Dum Aloo, etc. and their unique taste, one is sure to keep visiting for more places to visit in kashmir.
  • Other than Kashmiri cuisine, Kashmiri attire also attracts tourist. People come from all over the world and purchase leather items, shawls, blankets, bangles, and other handmade clothing articles. 
  • Apart from handloom and clothing articles people also buy spices like Saffron, Kashmiri Jeera, and Kashmiri Mirch. Floating markets of Dal Lakes are a popular place to buy fishes, vegetables, handlooms and spices in Kashmir.

Kashmir is a beautiful place. So, if one has the means to visit it, he should really visit it at least once, the place called paradise on earth will be worth the trip.

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