Top 10 Best Day Trip From Prague


Top 10 Best Day Trip From Prague

Stone bridges and celestial watches, art galleries and dance houses. Here are the 10 best day trip that you cannot miss. Attractively gothic and mysterious, the capital of the Czech Republic. A little magical city on a horse between past and present. An outside exhibition hall that shrouds astonishes in each corner. Its historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it will make you fall in love. Welcome to Prague!

Set up your outing to the Czech capital and find a city where workmanship, history, and design go connected at the hip. There are such a large number of things to find in Prague that it is difficult to gather them across the board. But as you had to start somewhere, here are the 10 best day trip from Prague

  1. Astronomical Clock

One of the main places to visit in Prague is Old Town Square, which is the historical heart of the Czech capital. It has an astronomical clock in Prague. This miracle of engineering is much more than a simple clock that gives seconds, minutes and hours. It is a true work of art created in the early 15th century and its vibrant colors continue to stand on the tower in which it is placed.

Its system is formed by three quadrants, on which the position of the Sun and Moon can be seen, in addition to some very beautiful figures representing the 12 Apostles and the months of the year. Four statues on the edges symbolize capital sins and come alive when they give hours. Do you still doubt that this is one of the things you should do in Prague? One tip: watch out for the wallet when you join the crowd of tourists coming to watch the show.

  1. Stare Mesto

The true “Old City”, an ancient neighborhood that has welcomed travelers around the world for centuries in search of fortune. Today it is a circle of small streets and is perfect for wandering the streets between churches and squares (which have an astronomical clock), while you are guided by the palaces and charms of timeless people who rule everywhere. End your tour with a stroll along the river, before staying again in one of the most beautiful hostels on the international landscape. One of the 10 things in Prague is the visiting star Mesto.

  1. Mahal

Another miracle to see in Prague is its palace. However, it simply falls short to be called «Mahal», as this huge complex that dominates the city is considered to be the largest fort in the world and there are many houses in its interiors that you cannot miss. One of the most conspicuous is the excellent St. Vitus Cathedral, a Gothic marvel that has stood out on all the terraces for almost all millennia and has an amazing set of stained glass windows decorated by the great Czech artist Alphonse Bucha. The palace itself, which has been home to kings, emperors, and presidents, is also worth visiting. And don’t forget to write a few hours on a list of 10 things to see in the ancient and modern art galleries in Day Trip From Prague.


  1. Charles Bridge

One of the most famous symbols of the Czech Republic, this stone bridge decorated with 30 Baroque statues connects the city’s two central districts from the mid-fourteenth century … and is still in splendid shape. At the end of the Charles Bridge towards Staré Mesto, take a look at the right parapet and look for the head-shaped stone known as the “Bearded Man.” In the past, when the waters of the river exceeded this head, the residents of Prague knew that it was time to run to the hills to avoid the constant floods. Take a walk along the bridge at sunset, when the sky turns red and the silhouette of the statue… you will feel like a story!


  1. Mala Strana

The “small neighborhood” is named as a child but little. For centuries, this region of Prague has welcomed migrants, nobles and new bourgeoisie into the mix of cultures and traditions, resulting in the existence of a wide variety of places that show a magnificent architecture. The garland you cannot leave in your visit to Mala Malaika is the Church of St. Nicholas, a huge Baroque masterpiece filled with frescoes and sculptures, in addition to Mozart, the great organ played during his stay in Prague. You won’t have enough for a few hours.


  1. Petrin Tower

Not only in the center of the city we will find interesting things to see in Prague, get lost on Petrine Hill and surround ourselves with calm. Take the old Frantic from Malta Strana (opened in 1891) and take yourself to the top of this small mountain almost completely covered by parks, making it one of the favorite spots of the locals. Here you will find the Petrine Tower, 63-meter-high steel construction that resembles a small Eiffel Tower surrounded by trees and grasslands. If you feel fit, climb through 299 steps to your highest point. Or you can also use the lift. Regardless, don’t miss the 360-degree display of Prague and its environment. It is very beautiful indeed, and that is why it is one of the 10 things you cannot miss in the Czech capital Day Trip From Prague.

Petrin Tower trusty read

  1. DOX – Center for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design

Located in the district of Holossov, not very central, but very important thanks to the uplifting work done here in recent years, this beautiful private museum is built in Prague in one place to see for two reasons. First, for its exhibitions, which have nothing to envy of great international galleries and museums. And secondly, for the building, an old twentieth-century factory that has become a state-of-the-art site thanks to the work of some great architects. After admiring the artists’ works, visit their Design Objects store or bookstore, or relax on the roof of your bar.

DOX - Center for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design

  1. Dancing House

Born from the creative genius of two illustrious architects (Czech-Croatian Vlado Milkin and American superstar Frank Gehry), this special building will easily catch your attention when you take a stroll along the river. At the time of its construction, between 1992 and 1996, it was the subject of many controversies due to the rare “coherence” of its presence with the baroque and art nouveau palaces around it. However, in the end, Fred and Ginger (nicknamed Joe Gehry, a tribute to a famous couple of dancers and actors) have become an icon and part of the city’s urban identity. Luckily, this is a real visual spectacle. Without a doubt, one of the various attractions to see in Prague in 2022.


  1. Cemetery of Olsen and Visegrad

In a Gothic and mysterious city like Prague, one of the things to do is to roam in its cemeteries. The magical locations set out to make some great photos and a nice place to take a leisurely walk away from the chaos of the Center of Excellence. In Prague, there are many cemeteries, but we are going to give you two pieces of advice that you must go to your check gateway. Olsen, the largest, is a true outdoor sculpture gallery thanks to beautiful art nouveau sculptures filling the space. And Vyhad, which houses the tombs of many famous people, including composer Dvorak and visionary artist Alphonse Mucha. Leave the sadness at home and go to these two cemeteries in search of peace and tranquility.


  1. Hebrew Museum

More than one museum, the Hebrew Museum is a group of six monuments and is connected to Hebrew culture, deeply embedded in the civilian fabric of Prague. They are all in the old quarters of Josefov, named after the emperor who abolished all discriminatory measures against Jews in 1781. The museum consists of four synagogues (at different times but in excellent condition for all patronage, though only two continue to follow religious traditions), a Romanesque building that was originally dedicated to ceremonies and the history of Jews today Organizes exhibitions attached to, and a cemetery. Discover this part of Prague’s history in the center of the city. It will steal your heart.



Since we’ve given all of you the extraordinary day trip from Prague we trust you added a couple of evenings to your Prague agenda. We’re certain you’ll experience passionate feelings for Prague as we did and visit once more. Leave a remark underneath with what you believe are the best places in the Czech Republic. We are continually searching for new places to visit Day Trip From Prague.

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