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Where to buy real and active Instagram followers?

How do we increase Instagram followers in Canada?

Where to buy real and active Instagram followers?

If you also want to increase the number of Instagram followers, but you are hesitating between buying cheap followers and buying real and active followers at a slightly higher price, then you have come to the right place.

Indeed in this article, we will see together the difference between buying fake followers and buying real Instagram followers.

Never Buy Fake Instagram Followers

The main reasons brands or influencers seek to grow their Instagram followers by buying followers are to improve their account metrics to increase their ad revenue potential and to build their social proof to encourage other Instagram users to follow them.

Fake followers reduce the potential for influencers to partner with brands.  This is because advertisers and brands looking to develop relationships with influencers to leverage their followers to increase brand reach and avoid influencers who have accumulated fake or inactive followers.

Just take a look at the follower-to-engagement ratio to understand that the influencer bought fake followers just to boost the stats. Usually, even with hundreds of thousands of followers, the engagement rate is less than 1%.

Apart from brands we also have the Instagram algorithm which very actively scans Instagram accounts.

The algorithm has evolved in that it automatically purges accounts of likes generated by bots and reduces the visibility of posts in follower feeds.

Buying fake followers generated by a bot is like spending your money without having an effective return.

We simply advise you to avoid buying fake Instagram followers. Beware of cheap services: While you can expect buying followers to be much cheaper than running Instagram ad campaigns, you should be wary of services that offer followers at prices that seem cheaply unrealistic.

You can be sure that these followers will not be active accounts of good quality and are likely to be purged by Instagram for being bot accounts.

Buy Real and Active Instagram Followers

Instead of using websites that only provide followers generated by bots, automatic likes, and comments that penalize your account, we advise you to look for real and active Instagram follower providers.

To buy followers, for example, we have marketing websites like BuyIGFollowersMalaysia which offer brands and influencers legitimate Instagram accounts that are followed by real people who are interested in the content you post.

Let’s not forget that the risks of buying subscribers to bot-based services are clear; you end up not only wasting your money but also ruining your reputation, which makes it difficult to monetize your account.


It’s important not to obsess over your Instagram follower count, even though it may be the first metric brands take note of. The real value of your Instagram account is the extent of your followers’ engagement, and to achieve a reasonably high engagement rate, you need to Buy Real Instagram Followers.

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