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5 Tips to Stay Safe When Reselling Your Concert Tickets

The world has been gradually going back to its normal state. People are gathering here and there. Public places are now getting crowded again. The entertainment industry, which the COVID-19 pandemic terribly affected and caused a big part to suffer and shut down, is also now recovering and getting back up. One of the evident proofs is the return of concerts all across the globe.

Concerts are social affairs wherein people coming from different parts of the country or of the world gather in one place to see their favorite artists. These are huge events filled with singing, dancing, interacting and simply living the best moments of your life as fans of those stars. If you are a fan of certain artists in the performing arts industry, you definitely know how a concert is a day when a fan’s dream comes to life. 

Now, say you are that kind of fan who really attends those concerts. Before the concert day itself, the much-awaited day that gives you a nerve-racking experience is the opening of ticket sales. That day is when the event promoter, together with the celebrity management company, begins the ticket purchasing opportunity for everyone who wants to secure their tickets and attend the concert. It makes you anxious because you might not be able to get the seat you want if someone else gets it before you do. Seriously, everything is mostly unpredictable!


Fast forward. For instance, you have already bought your ticket, however, something arises a few weeks or days before the concert. The automatic response after getting sad is looking for someone else interested to buy the pass from you. Another instance is when you have checked out an extra ticket due to panic buying. You can’t do anything with the extra pass you have, so you have to sell it for someone else to get the chance to attend the event as well. 

Searching for potential takers is quite challenging, but it’s possible, especially when the artist has a lot of fans. You just have to be careful to avoid getting scammed. Yes, even sellers get scammed by fraudulent buyers, so be wise. Here are 5 tips to stay safe when reselling your concert tickets.   

1 – Cover the ticket’s QR code and other numbers when posting.     

Finding potential customers online requires you to upload your ticket as proof, whether it’s through a public post or personal message. This is how interested individuals can make sure and can begin trusting that you are not a trickster. Inevitably, they will ask for a photo or a screenshot proving that you are an authentic person, reselling your authentic concert ticket. 

When posting or sending a copy of your concert ticket for sale, cover the ticket’s QR code and other numbers printed on it. After taking a photo of your ticket, edit it by erasing or concealing all the details that can be used by other people to steal your ticket digitally. QR codes only need scanning to get activated. If you share your ticket to all your followers without hiding the QR code, people can scan it all by themselves and can reach out to the ticket center to claim that it belongs to them. 

Be cautious. Display only the basic details that everyone must know, namely the tier or section, the seat number and the ticket price. 

2 – Inspect the account of the buyer.

When someone inquires regarding your ticket and sends you a message online, do not immediately trust or be comfortable with them. Keep your guard up at all times. One of the first few things that you must do is to get to know the buyer. Do that by inspecting their account.

It would be better to allow transactions with people who have their profiles set in public, so that you can do a small background check. You can check their previous posts, their following and their interactions with other people. Looking at these proves that they are not bots or people who just made those accounts for deception. 

3 – Ask for IDs or other proof of legitimacy as a buyer.

Concert tickets are quite expensive, and you cannot just ship these items without ensuring that the customers will pay. Of course, payment must be secured before shipping, but this is to remind you if ever you are too kind. 

Furthermore, if you are offering the ticket for long installment terms as the concert happens even before receiving the full payment, it can be risky for you as a seller. To help you stay safe amidst that, ask for their valid IDs and other proof of legitimacy as a buyer. Get all the contact information you can get, and agree on having their guarantor as well. 

Although there could be some loopholes here, this protects you from buyers that are difficult to reach.   

4 – Require full payment upon ordering.

You bought your concert tickets at an original price if you directly bought them from the ticket center. If someone is interested in getting them for themselves, the best payment term is to require full payment upon ordering. As this can be quite heavy, you should also assure your buyers that you will send them their purchased ticket at the same hour or on the same day. 

5 – Require down payment.

On another note, if your buyer wants installment terms for their purchase, require down payment. This is to support that the transaction made is final and sure. Their down payment allows them to secure the ticket you are selling, so you will not offer it to others anymore. Similarly, it allows you to ensure that the ticket and your money will not be put to waste. 



concert tickets

Reselling concert tickets is alright as long as you are not a scalper who sells them at overpriced prices. You have an actual reason why you are reselling them. You just don’t want your money to go to waste, and you don’t want the seat to be empty on concert day. 

Remember to be smart and secure when transacting online. You do not personally know the people who inquire and who might buy, so be vigilant and meticulous about the regulations you set. Meeting up is also the best option for cash payments and ticket transfers. Agree with fair terms that will benefit you and your ticket buyer, so you can gain their trust and so you can trust them. 

Enjoy those concerts without hassle, and/or let someone enjoy them if you cannot attend yourself. Keep your concert tickets safe and yourself safer! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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