Car Shipping Costs- Everything You Should Keep in Mind!

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Car Shipping Costs- Everything You Should Keep in Mind!

Car shipping costs are the first consideration for every customer. Many people go online and search “how much does it cost to transport a car”. They end up getting several different quotes from various car shipping companies. It’s not uncommon to receive multiple quotes that are close in price.

Car Shipping Costs in Australia

You will also get one or two that are much higher and a much lower couple. With a little learning on “how much does it cost to transport a car?”, you can save a lot of time. You can also determine which companies are going to deliver the service you need.

What are the factors affecting Car Shipping Costs?

The Car Shipping Costs in Australia are influenced by the location of the port to which the vehicle is to be delivered. Car Shipping cost depends upon several factors. These factors are as follows:

  1. Vehicle Type (Size, Weight, and Modifications)

All car hauliers are regulated on how much they can haul with the equipment that they have. The car haulier will always try to maximize its loads and the money he can make for a route. Also, if your vehicle is lifted or lowered, it may require extra space, causing the cost to increase.

  1. Total Driving Distance

This is the most obvious and logical thing that will affect the cost. The more miles you want to ship a car, the more it will cost. However, you need to understand that whether it’s a less-mile move or a more-mile move, it costs the same for a driver to pick up and drop off a vehicle.

  1. Is the vehicle running or non-running?

Most car carriers do not have winches on their trucks. If your car will not start up and drive onto the truck, it is considered inoperable. Inoperable vehicles require much more time and effort on the carrier’s part for pick up and drop off.

If a carrier is hauling 6-8 vehicles that do not run. The cost greatly increases. If your vehicle does not roll, brake, or steer, it is not only considered inoperable, but you will need to arrange a forklift to put the vehicle on the truck and take it off.

  1. The difficulty of the Route

When it comes to shipping cars, it’s all about time equals money. What this means is that if you are shipping a car on a popular route, then it will cost less. The carrier will not have to drive out of his way to pick up or drop off a vehicle.

The general rule of thumb is if you are going from major metropolitan to major metropolitan, expect to pay less. then if you are shipping from the middle of nowhere.

  1. Time of Year (season)

At the same time, if there are very few cars needing to be shipped, it will not attract many carriers to run that route. If there are an excessive number of cars going in one direction it drives the price up. Auto transport is much like many other industries that involve logistics. Supply and Demand are what drive price and pick-up times.

The number of vehicles going in any one direction at a given time will dictate how many spots are available on a truck. Even if the locations are the same, the difference is determined by the time of year you need your vehicle shipped.

  1. Speed of Pick up and drop off

If you are in a hurry to get a car picked up, then expedited car shipping is the best choice. This type of car shipping generally costs 30-40% more than a standard pick-up window.

Many times, this is a good option if you need to have the vehicle picked up on a specific date. Expedited car shipping gives you peace of mind, as you are a priority for our carriers.

  1. Enclosed or Open-air Carriers?

Open-air car shipping is the most common choice for people who need to ship a car. It generally costs less than enclosed car shipping. Open-air carriers can ship more cars versus an enclosed carrier, spreading the operating cost for carriers to operate.

Open-air car shipping carriers can ship up to 10 vehicles at one time. An enclosed carrier can ship up to 6 vehicles. One of the biggest differences, other than the cost, is cargo insurance protection from the carrier. An enclosed carrier gives you extra protection from the outside elements, like the weather.

  1. The Entire Traveling Distance

Car transfer Fee is dependent not only on the total number of miles travelled. but also on the way those miles are covered. The concept of distance is not synonymous with that of destination.

In certain ports, additional payments may be required for a boat transfer charge. If there is not much traffic at the port. The shipper might be forced to raise their pricing. The location of the destination is a separate idea.

  1. The condition of the weather

Boating is most popular during the summer months. During this time of the year, prices tend to go up. This will influence the amount of time it takes. It is important to keep in mind that the seasons at the ports and the destination cannot always match one another.

Car Shipping Costs in Australia

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