How Is Tempered Glass Made and What Makes It So Great?

Glass Manufacturing Process: How Tempered Glass Is Made

How Is Tempered Glass Made and What Makes It So Great?

Glass and its counterparts have there been in our lives for more than a century. The earlier glass was used in just making of domestic things like windows’ replacement sheets. Then glass became popular as hot and trendy glass doors with frames and chromes around it. When done with this trend the early ’20s had a global trend of using glass sheets in making of architectural things and this was the boom of glass fate. And since then glass sheets have become expensive, lush and imperative part of home interior designing. 


Having said that we will let you know this too, glass has not only a journey of popularity and use but advancement and technology too. More than 30 glass types have been introduced just in 21st century, technology advance machinery has influenced the glass manufacturers equally. Online glass shop are abundant in many types of glass sheets and designs.  

So what are the popular glass sheets available in the market? Let’s explore:

Different Types Of Glass:

  • Tempered glass sheets: High strength and safety glasses are made of these glass panels.
  • Clear and optical glass sheets: Clear and crystal-like shining glass sheets 
  • Laminated glass panels: Usually used for security building and general construction 
  • Tint glass covers: Special colored glass sheets used in making temples, churches, and mosques walls.
  • Frosted glass: Unclear, privacy glass sheets used in making of privacy compartments and wall partitions.
  • Soda glass or soda lime glass: Usually a clear type of glass used in making of windows’ replacement sheets. 


What Is Tempered Glass Exactly?

Other names for tempered glass sheets are toughened and annealed glass sheets. Somewhere on shops, these sheets are also called safety glass sheets. Why these all names are for tempered glass sheets? Because these sheets are of high strength and ability made through a special process called “tempering of glass or annealing of glass”. 

As many of us know the glass sheets are made from sand particles. Sand is collected via large machines and pumps and then after passing certain tests and laboratory activities sand is sent to the furnace whereupon high or highest temperature it is prone to be melted down. 



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Peculiar Properties Of Tempered Glass Sheets – Make It So Great To Use

    • Clear Glass Sheets: Tempered glass sheets as being tough and hard glass sheets are still crystal clear and transparent sheets. Usually these sheets are used in the making of indoor house scheming like compartments, kitchen doors, and shower glass curtains. That sheets are made clear yet of high strength and pressure enduring ability. 
    • Tough And Hard: These sheets are tough and hard enough that their ability on a scale of 10 can be marked at 9.5. Being 3-10 times more strong and tough these glass sheets are hardened and annealed. We don’t know but everywhere around us are toughened glass sheets. Like on over mobile phone protector, car windows and shower compartments. 
    • Durability: Reliability and durability are second names to tempered glass sheets. As these panels are tough and stout that’s why they are expectedly more hard-wearing and robust. 
    • Longevity: Tempered glass is installed not only for being tough and safe but for being long-standing glass sheets too. Glass sheets made of annealing process are believed to be more long-standing and wearing than all the other types. Even though in high-pressure areas these glass covers maintain their shape and position much accurately. But if these sheets are shattered under some critical environmental conditions they become surprisingly harmless. 


Do Not Explode Easily:
  • Tempered glass is believed as safety glass due to certain reasons like these sheets are not shatter-able at first. Secondly, if these sheets are shattered they become tiny harmless pieces that any human cannot possibly get a flesh cut from them. 
  • Insulated Glass Sheets: Being used as extensively as these sheets can be they have maintained their stance on being insulated glass sheets. These tempered glass panels are energy efficient and made for homes accurately. 
  • Heat Resistant: No any abrasive or heat can damage the texture of tempered glass surfaces. Therefore they are not only intrinsically hard and robust but physically too. 
  • Need Special Custom Cut: Yes, these sheets cannot be cut or molded by any shop or retailers or DIYers but they are made custom cut sheets or standards or specialized shapes and sizes. 


Uses Of Tempered Glass Sheets

Windows’ Glass Replacement Sheets: Tempered glass is used in making of tough and hard window glass sheets. To avoid any natural calamity or hazards outer most windows are usually made of these glass types. 

Shower Glass Enclosures: Shower glass doors or bathroom shower curtains are made of these glass sheets. 

Hardcore Car Windows Sheets: Car window sheets and front glass panels are also made tempered because of safety reasons. To avoid any severe human flesh cut these sheets are made of annealed glass. 

Mobile Phone Screen Protectors: expensive and lush phone cases even glass protector are made of tough and hard tempered glass panels. 



Custom Made Glass Sheets: these sheets cannot be cut or made unless until these are in the factory. Because these sheets are custom made and custom cut readymade. 


Tempered glass is such wonder glass type that can cater to all the reservations and safety concerns usually people have towards the glass. The right use of these sheets can make any place spruced up and lively. 

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