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Instagram marketing, the right tips to be successful

Instagram marketing, the right tips to be successful

Knowing the rules of Instagram Marketing is essential to create a successful business strategy

Doing Instagram marketing is essential for those who want to implement a successful digital strategy. Suffice it to say that 500 million users are active on this social network every day! But where to start? Let’s find out together step by step which are the right moves to get effective results thanks to this platform.

Select the right influencers

Let’s start with sponsored content: you must know that these are successful only if you are able to identify the most suitable influencers.

There are more and more brands that gain visibility on Instagram thanks to the influencers who sponsor their services and products. But how to choose the best ones? Make sure that selected influencers and micro influencers are followed by real followers and that, when they promote a certain content, they are authentic and credible. On the other hand, it is imperative that these IG stars be able to exert considerable appeal to those who are part of their market niche.

How to acquire followers

For a good Instagram marketing strategy, it is also advisable to focus on the follower acquisition process: easy to say, a little less to do.

It is a mistake to avoid at all costs to buy followers, perhaps from very disreputable sites, just because the prices are very low. While it is true that a large number of fans can capture the attention of consumers, it is equally true that the number of followers risks turning into a vanity metric if it is not corroborated by a valid engagement rate, capable of producing valuable user-generated content. In short, it is useless to have thousands of fans in Asia if you own an ice cream shop in Veneto.

Developing a conscious Instagram marketing plan means adopting strategies that focus on quality rather than quantity: therefore, the measurement of the engagement rate concerns the number of likes and the quantity of interactions and comments that are generated by each content published on the social network. buy instagram followers Greece from legal site they offer real and engaging followers and likes according to your business requirements.

The search for the right followers

In short, it is okay to increase the number of followers and likes, but only on condition that they are the right followers: that is, potential customers, who are fully within the market niche to which we refer.

When it comes to Instagram marketing, follower acquisition strategies and techniques must be oriented in this direction, avoiding acquiring paid followers . On the other hand, the search for the target audience can only be the first step to take for effective programming.

It is not enough to get followers, but you also need to know their behavior, their preferences, their interests and their geographic location. Only having understood these characteristics well will you have the opportunity to plan and create interesting content.

An eye on the competition

Doing Instagram marketing with the right advice also means paying attention to how the competition behaves: it is essential to research your competitors and monitor them, to know how they act.

Following the competition and keeping an eye on what they publish is certainly not an unfair practice: it is simply a way to understand what could be the most popular content in the market niche you are targeting.

There are also tools that allow you to satisfy this need: this is the case of SocialBlade, for example, which is a precious ally to analyze your profile and make it grow.

The Virality web app is also very convenient, with the help of which it is possible to create viral contents, get to know the audience closely and select the most suitable “Instagram stars” by participating in influencer marketing sessions.

The importance of always being up to date

Proactivity is a skill that cannot be ignored when working on social media. Unlike what one might be led to imagine, in fact, social networks require constant updating and constant commitment. Instagram, for example, is constantly evolving, with the introduction of releases and with many new opportunities available to brands that help increase the engagement rate.

Publishing the best content serves to capture the curiosity of the public; followers will be able to become fans of a brand thanks to the interactions, comments and conversations that will be generated.

Chat with followers

Precisely for this reason we must commit ourselves, for Instagram marketing, to building relationships with commentators, responding to messages. The community also grows this way: it’s okay to post content, but it can’t be left to fend for itself once it’s online. On the contrary, they need to be looked after carefully.

For an effective strategy, contests are also very useful, i.e. prize contests that aim to increase community engagement.

The power of lives and stories

The direct on Instagram can be exploited to make known the behind the scenes of your company and to create a more “intimate” relationship with your followers. Recently, we remind you, a new function has been released that allows you to follow the live broadcasts even from the desktop.

Finally, an effective way to interact with the public is offered by Instagram stories, which keep the interest of followers alive and allow you to convey your message in a fast and fun way.

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