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Healthpally descry Baby Breech Presentation and Risks

Healthpally descry Baby Breech Presentation and Risks

Five percent of all children are born butt first in the mother’s pelvic floor. Can they be born the normal way? When is a cesarean section necessary for a breech presentation? A breech position is also referred to as a breech position. The child lies with its head directly below the mother’s rib cage.

The legs of the unborn child can either be folded up at the stomach, or it can lie with one or both feet first, or squat with its feet next to the rump, Chaktty said. If the child does not turn itself into the head position and an attempt from the outside is unsuccessful, the child must either be born bottom first or by caesarean section Baby Breech Presentation.

Birth in a breech presentation

The process of labor with a vaginal birth is a bit more strenuous for a child in a breech position than with a cranial position, according to healthpally.

  •  The child must insert and rotate with the rump in the birth canal just as if it were coming head first. 
  • As soon as the bottom is out, the head slides into the pelvic ring. 

Since it is very narrow here, the head presses on the umbilical cord and thus reduces the supply and oxygen supply. Therefore, the child must then be born quickly and completely.

The head must rotate in the same way as the body did before. 

  • To make this easier, the midwife or doctor turns and lifts the child with specific movements. 
  • The woman giving birth must cooperate well with the obstetrician and cannot always assume the most comfortable posture for her.
  •  This is why the last phase of giving birth to a breech child is often difficult for the mother.
  • In the case of a breech presentation, an epidural anesthetic is usually recommended so that the expectant mother does not have any pain and can relax.

In addition, an episiotomy is usually unavoidable.

Risks of giving birth in a breech position

When the baby’s butt goes first, it doesn’t stretch the walls of the birth canal as much as the head normally does. This can cause laziness and delays in labour, but this can be corrected with the use of an IV drip.

  • If there is a delay in the birth of the head, the clamped umbilical cord can lead to a short-term lack of oxygen supply, says soxpally experts Baby Breech Presentation.
  • A disproportion between the child’s head and the mother’s pelvis can lead to the subsequent head not turning properly into the pelvis.
  •  In order to be able to assess this risk, an ultrasound is performed before the birth and, if necessary, the decision to have a caesarean section is made.

Normal birth is only possible in a few clinics

In the absence of specific risk factors, vaginal delivery of a breech presentation baby is no less safe than normal cranial delivery, provided the delivery is attended by specially qualified midwives. 

  • Some maternity hospitals specialize in vaginal breech delivery.
  • They are the best choice for women who want a normal birth despite breech presentation.

An  outpatient birth  is also possible with a breech presentation: if the child was born normally and both mother and child are doing well, you can go home four hours after the birth.

Reasons for a planned caesarean section

The advantages and disadvantages of a normal breech delivery should be discussed well in advance of the due date between the pregnant woman and the obstetrician. 

Even if the pregnant woman wants a normal birth, this is not always possible with a breech presentation. Reasons for a planned caesarean section can be:

  • A premature birth because the birth of a premature baby should be as gentle as possible.
  • A narrow maternal pelvis or a child whose estimated weight is over 4000 grams, according to soxpally Baby Breech Presentation.
  • If the child is very large and/or the mother’s pelvis is not wide enough, there may be difficulties in pushing the head through. 
  • Pregnant women with diabetes are more likely to have very large children, who are often more sensitive to birth stress than other children.

In addition, the mother’s exertion can lead to greater fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Preeclampsia: The increased exertion at the end of labor could lead to a seizure more quickly. Umbilical cord prolapse after a ruptured membrane . In this case, there is a risk that the child will be inadequately cared for for a long time.

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