Kashmir Great Lakes Trek | A Gems in Kashmir For Trekkers

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek | A Gems in Kashmir For Trekkers

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek | A Gems in Kashmir For Trekkers

Overview –

There are numerous scenes in Kashmir that are of postcard-quality beauty. Our walk through Kashmir passes via some of the unspoiled, high-altitude alpine lakes of Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Nundkol, and Gangabal, which are hidden gems in the Kashmiri mountain range. Now that you are aware of the rationale for the trek’s name, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, If you’re seeking for verdant meadows brimming with vibrant wildflowers, naturally changing water lakes, meandering streams, and breathtaking Himalayan views, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek circuit is advised.

It is  the most well-known trek in Kashmir and one of the Top Treks in all of India. Can you imagine a more stunning combination than five mountain lakes lapped in Kashmir’s dreamy landscape? Kashmir Every trekker’s heart races when they hear the name “Great Lakes,” and for good reason too! The Great Lakes of Kashmir Excursion is unquestionably the most breathtaking, postcard-perfect, and picturesque trek we provide. This Himalayan Trekking’s route takes you by five exquisite mountain lakes. Every day, a new lake appears, making each day equally interesting. Do you still recall the thrill and exhilaration of a pass day or summit day? The Kashmir Great is what you get when you magnify everything by 5 day. 

Spectacular beauty-

This is due to the trek’s larger-than-life backdrop. It is located 75 kilometres northeast of Srinagar..

It is a six-day, moderately tough walk because of the variety of the terrain. It has lengthy trekking days with difficult exit spots and steep ascents and descents. It is therefore not appropriate for a novice who has never experienced a high-altitude hike.

Having said that, the difficulties are worthwhile. With a brand-new alpine lake to look forward to, every day is picture-perfect. What makes these waters even more beautiful

An Overview of Lakes-

Six renowned mountain lakes are what make the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek noteworthy. You can look forward to a different alpine lake every day. The snow patches that feed these lakes only enhance their beauty. They’re seen slipping from the ridged mountains and into the lakes.

Campsites in a Nutshell-

At Indiahikes, we take a lot of care while selecting excellent campsites. After much deliberation, we have chosen these fantastic campsites, which hikers have grown to appreciate, for the Kashmir Great Lakes walk as well.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes you to a divine, hitherto unexplored region of Kashmir that evokes the phrase “Heaven on Earth.” Only this trek in the Himalayas includes three high-altitude passes, five river valley crossings, and seven alpine lakes, all of which are stunning shades of green, blue, and turquoise. All of this is accomplished in an impressive 8 days!

You are met with opulence that is limitless, grand, and achingly beautiful every day. The KGL trek spoils you for choice with its endless blue skies, larger-than-life panorama of rugged mountains, flamboyant meadows teeming with wild flowers, river crossings, and boulder hopping.

Total height –

The track, which ascends to a height of 4,206 M, alternates between ascents and descents most days, making it comparatively simple to follow. The only difficulty is in developing the stamina required to travel the considerable distances (10 km or more) one must go each day.

The 69 kilometre trip is a great option for beginners wishing to enhance their Himalayan trekking game. We also suggest this trail for seasoned hikers, not because it’s difficult but because of the breathtaking beauty and grandeur it contains.

Best time to visit –

The finest months to hike to the Kashmir Great Lakes are July through September. Find an elevation chart, a temperature chart, a full schedule, a map of the route, and a picture of the KGL journey.

How challenging is the walk to Kashmir’s Great Lakes?-

KGL is a Himalayan trek of moderate difficulty. Some people might find it a little taxing to walk long distances every day with some elevation and descent. As a result, we give it a physicality rating of 6.5 out of 10.

Seven days of trekking are included in our schedule at the same time. As you approach the first lake on the Vishansar trail, the first few days are long as you gain height. We might take an active acclimatisation day at this location, per the plan, depending on the group and the weather. We will travel to the following lake, Kishansar, climb a little higher near Gadsar Pass, and then return to Vishansar Camp. Alternatively, if everything appears to be in order, we can forgo today.

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