Unique Destination for Weekend Getaways from Delhi

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Unique Destination for Weekend Getaways from Delhi


Sariska is located in Alwar district,Rajasthan.Sariska is well known for its Tiger reserve  and this place is most preferred place for weekend getaways from Delhi and Haryana.People can explore to beautiful Flora and Fauna of the wildlife sanctuaries on a jeep.Tourists can visit Sariska palace, Royal palaces of ancient people and emperors. This place has a strong Belief of Hindus mythology.Pandupol is a must visit temple .Few attractions in this place are Kankwari fort, Kalighati and Siliserh Lake and many other prominent attractions here. From Delhi it will be around 200 kms to travel to Sariska.


Lansdowne is located in Uttarakhand ,This place is a idloic hill station which serves an ideal retreat.This place is well known for its serenity and scenic beauty.This is one of the best weekend trip getaway to chill and relax along with your family and friends.You can go for a picnic on the lake side of Bhulla lake with a stunning views of tip n top hilltop.There is a church St.John’s Church is also popular to visit the place in the woods.You can go to explore  jungle safari to enjoy the picturesque and remote villages  and landscapes and also to explore Unique flora and fauna.

Must visit places in Lansdowne are Kalagarh  Tiger reserve,  Bhim Pakora and darwan singh sangrahalaya are a few places . Having local food like having traditional dishes like Kafuli, thechwani, phaanu, baadi,Aloo ke gutke and many more makes you feel the itinerary


This place has the background of the snow-capped Himalayas of uttarakhand.This town is the beautiful hill station.Almora ois well known for its rich cultural heritage , making unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine and magnificent wildlife. This town has two rivers Koshi and Suyal.

There are pilgrim places also to explore like Nanda Devi and jagadishwar temple which attracts a number of devotees every year.Almora has many cafes and hostels in Kasar Devi, a village in almora. From Almora you can go into forests to reach himalayas.Almora is most famous for mountain biking himalayas,since it is easy to reach the almora place because its altitude is very low.Here many rentals places are there , you can rent a bike  and enjoy the mountain  paths.Places  to explore near Almora Zero point, jageshwar, kasar devi, chitai temple, dunagiri, jalna.Almora is known as  culture  capital of Kumaon.There are many monuments, old temples, museums which exhibits rich culture of ancient history.


There in Dhanaulti only a few people are there without overloading with minimal expectations.This is the pleasant place for many individuals to spend time alone and comfort themselves from all the hectic things.This place brings you comfort and quiet pleasant mind.This place gives you all the comfort that you wish to have  all the time to you and your soul.This place is located in Mussoorie at 62 kms away.This is little town in Uttarakhand. This is the best weekend getaway and it is located at 2200 m above sea level. 

Places to visit near Dhanaulti are Dhanaulti Adventure park, Eco park , apple orchids, deogarh fort, tehri dam, camp thangdhar and many more places to visit.Dhanaulti is the beautiful with backdrop of himalayan mountains.This is the heavenly place to escape in weekends. There are many places to camp and relax. You can see wide expanses of crystal water.The burma bridge is the popular bridge and the best place to bonfire / campfire. Adventurers and photographers can come here and  enjoy the nature here.


Rishikesh is located at the foothills of himalayas, which covers River ganga and chandrabhaga. This is a small town in rishikesh ,close to Haridwar in Uttarakhand.Rishikesh is known for adventure activities and also popular for yoga, meditation, cafes, temples.Rishikesh is popularly known as “yoga capital of World”.

Rishikesh is the Pilgrimage town in Uttarakhand and the holiest place for hindus.There is a popular place known as THE BEATLES ASHRAM which attracts tourists all around the world.There is a spiritual center which is popular for white water rafting,Bungee jumping, mountain biking, camping along the holy ganga river.Rishikesh is the hub and homeplace for many sadhus.You can see many teaching centers for yoga  and meditation. As this is a religious place non-veg and alcohol are restricted at this place.International yoga festival is arranged on every first week of  March.People who are very much interested in Yoga gather here from all over the world and participate . Rishikesh is divided into  two  parts known as “twin national heritage cities”.

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