Most exciting places to visit in Amsterdam

Most exciting places to visit in Amsterdam

Most exciting places to visit in Amsterdam

The most well-known tourist destination globally, Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city that draws tourists to explore its history and charm. There are numerous things to do in Amsterdam and an array of exciting things to explore within the town. It is often called “Venice of the North” because of the awe-inspiring amount of canals in the city, and it is an absolute pleasure for visitors. It’s much more than the popular stereotype of cannabis cafes and its famous red light district in terms of Amsterdam sightseeing. It’s the perfect vacation spot for you to visit. It’s a popular destination, well-known and will provide a memorable experience for family and friends. 

Rijksmuseum – A Journey Back To The 19th Century

A well-known Amsterdam tourist destination for those who love art, the Museum was established in 1809 when it was first constructed to house the dazzling arts and treasures from the United States with more than 250 rooms. It also houses a massive library, which includes an extensive selection of over 35,000 manuscripts and books. Traditional handicrafts, medieval sculptures, and modern designs are available at this location. It is possible to employ the services of an Amsterdam tourist guide or take an audio-guided tour through the Museum.

Eye Film Museum

The Eye Film Institute Amsterdam is perfect for those who love cinema and arts. Check out an exhibit, explore the films on display and enjoy the view of the IJ from the restaurant. Look at the river IJ through the restaurant window, or browse the Museum’s store to find unique gifts. Eye film museum tickets are available online and you may often get tickets at a discount. The exhibit is open all day long from 10 am until 7 pm. Admission is granted only when you have a film or an exhibition ticket.

The Eye Museum has four comfortable movie theatres where visitors can watch the latest movies and see some of the most stunning (restored) movies. The collection includes retrospectives of films and is connected to the world of cinema. The Museum also offers talks, discussions, concerts with live music, and events.  

Anne Frank House – Learn Everything About This Jewish Girl

It is one of the most well-known Amsterdam tourist destinations. It is only possible to go to Amsterdam by visiting this home first. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl living at times during the Second World War. While hiding away from Nazis, she wrote an account of her community’s struggles. The Museum houses the place her family lived in for a while, hiding. For a memorable holiday in the Netherlands, paying for the trip to this Museum in Amsterdam is a must. It’s undoubtedly one of the top spots to see in Amsterdam.

Van Gogh Museum – Where Artists Find Solace

If you’re wondering what you should see in Amsterdam, The Van Gogh museum is an excellent choice. 1.5 million people visit the Museum annually, making it among the most famous galleries of art around the globe. Van Gogh’s tragic story and extraordinary talent make it the second most frequented Museum in Amsterdam. More than 200 artworks, 500 drawings, and 700 letters written by Van Gogh are displayed in this Museum. This is, without a doubt, one of the top locations in Amsterdam.

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Begijnhof – For A Peaceful Stroll

If you’re looking for peace, it is one of the best places in Amsterdam. It is among the oldest hofjes. It is primarily a collection of historic structures. The building was initially a beguinage, and today, it is the location of two churches: The Catholic Houten Huys and the English Reformed Church. It has a secluded garden where one can spend peace, along with stunning Mondrian-designed pulpit panels. It is among the most breathtaking places to visit in Amsterdam.

It’s the Amsterdam’s West Church – Enlighten Yourself Spiritually

If you are looking for churches in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the West Church should be included in your travel plans. It became an extremely well-known Amsterdam tourist destination after the wedding of Queen Beatrix in 1966. The church is decorated with echoes of Renaissance architectural styles in its construction, as well as a few Gothic design aspects. The tower is the tallest in the city, at 85 meters. The top of the building is a replica of Maximilian’s Austrian emperor’s crown.

Vondelpark Learn The Culture and Lifestyle

Amsterdam’s most well-known park draws thousands of visitors and residents every day. It’s home to various cafés and restaurants, including those at the Blauwe Theehuis Cafe Vertigo, Vondelpark3 and De Vondeltuin, along with it’s the Groot Melkhuis. There are skate rental shops, an open-air theatre, and a rose garden with more than 70 roses in the park.

Red Light District – Explore The Nightlife

The well-known Red Light area is one of the most popular Amsterdam tourist destinations. There’s a bar at every nook and corner of the Red light zone. Dutch drinks, and especially locally-brewed beer, are famous throughout the world. It is also popular to drink the Old Sailor, and Cafe Hill Straight Blues are popular choices.

Royal Palace Of Amsterdam – Behold The Historic Royal Palace

It is located in Dam Square. It is one of the top spots to visit in Amsterdam for all tourists. The building was originally a town hall but is now owned by the state and is used as a venue for Royal Official Dutch functions by the family. The palace is open to tourists all year round who want to see the Citizen’s Hall, one of the top Amsterdam tourist attractions.

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