What Is Sweden Best Known For?

what is sweden known for

What Is Sweden Best Known For?

The country is vast, wild and… little known! Apart from the reindeer and the Northern Lights, I am not sure that most people know all of Sweden’s rich. Whereas, it would be a shame to miss. Sweden is a country that offers a huge variety of landscapes to its inhabitants and lush green cities full of charm.

Wherever you go, you will find beautiful places to roam in the places you want. From wide sandy beaches to coniferous forests to granite islands and rivers, you can enjoy plenty of sports or explore local culture and history. I want to show in this article, what is Sweden best known for. while traveling.

Crystal clear water, breathtaking northern lights, tranquil woods, delicious cuisine, cities dating from the Viking era, fishing villages, skiing, beaches … we can easily understand why Sweden tops the list of good places. If a trip to Sweden tops your to-do list, I’m not going to risk too much by telling you that you’re going to do a lot of things!

The only downside is that… Ohmandyquestchersslandinevi !!! So, yes, it is true, but it is quite possible to travel to this wonderful country without putting your banker on the back. To help you not waste yourself what is sweden known for 2022 we have put together this list of the best activities in Sweden at low prices, even for free !!! If Sweden wasn’t at the top of your itinerary, it’s time to add it right now.

Stroll through the historic center of Stockholm, Gamla Stein

The old city of Stockholm, Gamla Stein, is a very beautiful area and no trip to Sweden will be worth a walk. It’s a very colorful part of the streets, with cafes on every corner, this very colorful part of the city is a truly unique attraction What Is Sweden Best Known For?.

If you are part of team culture, you will find many cool museums there, such as the museum dedicated to the Nobel Prize, as well as the city’s magnificent churches. If you are a #TeamBouffe (sisi family), restaurants offer menus to die for, but beware, prices are not paid. Therefore, it is better to focus on small cafes and kiosks where you can take out food in 50-60 SEK (about 6-7 million).


We recommend that you stay in the dockside hostel Old Town, which is on the edge of the sea, or the Castania Old Town Hostel, which is in a small cobbled street.

Take part in one of the biggest Swedish events: Midsummer

Celebrating midsummer (equivalent to our summer solstice) is one of the best (and cheapest) things to do in Sweden. It is one of the largest Swedish festivals, in which all the suds participate to celebrate the longest day of the year. The whole country starts roaming as the summer season approaches. If you are in Sweden between 19 to 25 June, feel free to go out and get immersed in this important element of local life.

We drink snap asses (basically strong wine shots), we wear flowers in our hair, we dance around the May tree, we eat seafood, we sing typical songs at heart… In short: We celebrate beautiful days !!! In addition, a great place that is Skårsen on Zurgraden is a huge open-air museum as well as a zoo where the biggest festivities take place in Stockholm.

Take part in one of the biggest Swedish events: Midsummer

Gothenburg is also very good. We recommend the main city park, Slottsskogen, where you can enjoy it!

Meet a native tribe in the north of the country

If you want to explore the rugged (and cold Ogla) landscapes, venture beyond the Arctic Circle (and buy a stamp on your passport to prove it!). This part of Sweden is very beautiful throughout the year, but see its level of beauty in winter. 

Originally, this is Sweden as you imagine: reindeer and snow !!! If you want to live a super authentic experience, I recommend you visit the Sami tribe living in the city of Jokimokok. On-site, you can stroll through the Christmas markets, watch reindeer races, admire the northern lights and sledding dogs !!!

In case to avoid selling a kidney, we recommend that you like a train to Jokomok, sleep in youth hostels and buy grease in supermarkets What Is Sweden Best Known For?.

Stroll through Lilla Torg Square in Malmo

Lila Torg is a beautiful cobbled square in the city of Malmö, the country’s third-largest city. It is full of cafes, bars, and restaurants with a terrace. Speaking of restaurants, and therefore food, we recommend you to visit Saluhelan, an indoor market where you can eat dishes from all over the world !!! Then, a short digging stroll is required in the old town, Gamla Wester, so distinctive with its colorful buildings and art galleries.

Also, not to be missed, Kungsparken (King’s Park): 8 hectares of greenery, magnificent flowers, and even a cave, not to mention Turning Toro, a twisted skyscraper that is a gemstone architecture and One of the most famous buildings in Sweden.

Stroll through Lilla Torg Square in Malmo

Øresund Bridge

From Malmö, explore the Danish capital, Copenhagen via the magnificent bridgeresund bridge. Driving 16 km of this Vastu wonder is indeed something! He was the set, even the main character of the Swedish series The Bridge, and is also a symbol of Scandinavia’s connections with the rest of Europe.

You can stay in STF / HI Vandrarhem Malmö City, which is in the center of Malmö, or Rut & Ragnars Hostel in the district of Möllevången, sometimes named “Soho of Malmö”.

Øresund Bridge trusty read

Eat Fresh Seafood at the Smogan Bridge

Situated on the beautiful Bohuslan coast, Smögen is a favorite holiday destination for Swedish and we understand why! With its cute little shops, restaurants, and cafes, it feels like a Wes Anderson film! On-site you can enjoy a famous Ramsgaurus (a shrimp sandwich). The city is also known for its wooden paints, where boats and other boats sail. #Supertypique. If you are Jackie Les Fruits de Mer, we recommend a gourmet stop at the fish shop in Gosta, where the prices are reasonable!

So, wow, it’s a little crowded in summer, but it doesn’t disappoint you, it’s really worth going for a day, already caught just for the fish market! The entire coast is also ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

You still have to keep in mind that Sweden is a big country, so it can sometimes take time from point A to point B. For example, a camp session on the West Coast with a trip to Smogan, for example, make the most of your stay.

Eat Fresh Seafood at the Smogan Bridge trusty read

Swedish Lapland

It is impossible to come to Sweden without visiting Lapland. A symbol of Santa Claus is reminiscent of the land, Lapland extends from Russia to Norway and Finland and Sweden. It is a simple magical area where nature is supreme. 

In winter, this is the perfect place to see the Northern Lights, just look at the weather forecast, wait for the clear skies and walk away from the cities to see these amazing dances above your head. Many other activities also occur when the ice completely joins the north of Sweden; Ride with sledge dogs, buck in the middle of the woods and complete elks or cross country ski sessions. 

Swedish Lapland trusty read

In summer, Lapland is not left outside as the snow gives bright sun, lakes for swimming and many avenues for hiking. At this latitude, it is an opportunity to observe the midnight sun, this sun that never fully sets and bounces on the horizon for a few weeks.

Surfing the beaches of Gotland

Gotland is a little-known gem in Sweden. On-site, you can surf, sunbathe and more. The nearby Gostka National Park is undoubtedly one of the happiest places in Sweden, with its magnificent beaches perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. Surfing is also an option, especially on the golden beaches of the Suthersund Strand and the Toft Strand.

You can also get a glimpse of the Viking past of the city of Visby (we think of its famous wall). For her, there is nothing like a guided tour of the island to learn a little more about its history. Visby is also super cute and enjoyable for a walk apart from steeped in history: fascinated alleys, charming little cafes … you can also stay in a hostel that becomes an old prison. If you don’t get the call, don’t panic, there are plenty of hostels on the island at great prices.

Surfing the beaches of Gotland

To get there, take the bus from Stockholm to Ninesham, then the ferry from the port which will cost you around € 10, it will take you directly to Visby.

Praise the famous northern lights

The Northern Lights are undoubtedly on the to-do list of a good number of travelers, and, needless to say, Sweden is actually one of the best places to see them. If you go to the Paid-des-Foyers-et-des-Rennes-en-Folly in the winter, you have chosen coconut for your dates. This is the perfect time to see them as the sky is mostly cloudless, very deep and very cold. So we think it’s good to take her little wool.

With a little luck, you can admire light events everywhere in Arctic Sweden, but one of the best places is 2 km north of Kiruna in Abisko National Park, away from any light contamination. Otherwise, there is also Jukkasjärvi and Tornadelli. Many companies offer dog sledding trips at night so that they can be in sync with nature while looking at the sky. Fabulous !!!

The best period is probably late March, early April, but if you really push north of Chez Nord, you can see it in early September. To get as upset as possible, follow Aurora Alert on Twitter so that you don’t miss a thing What Is Sweden Best Known For?.

Praise the famous northern lights trusty read

To get to the north of the country, take a flight from Stockholm or, if you are in YOLO mode, a night train can be a rather fun experience.

Take the world’s coldest metro in Stockholm

One thing to know about the Stockholm Metro is that there are no two in it: both the transport and the art gallery, as represented by the 90 stations that are designed according to a very crazy design and content. You can see paintings, sculptures, very stunning mosaics for the metro ticket price!

Take the world's coldest metro in Stockholm trusty read

Make a Sauna with Local People

Sauna culture exists in Sweden and honestly, it is just an O-BLI-G during your stay. Traditionally, Bastu (sauna, therefore) wants to swim in the lake or do a small roll in the ice, before returning to the sauna and then taking a bath or rolling in the ice and so on. Any lake and swimming area No public or rental sauna. We recommend Keltorp Lake on the outskirts of Stockholm where you will find two saunas (the best advance booking is to avoid disappointment!) And a lake. And just to warn you, you can meet face to face with a few shades in your own simplest device.

Make a Sauna with Local People trusty read

Appreciate the midnight sun in Swedish Lapland

If you are a bit adventurous, then explore the Swedish Lapland north of Kiruna. For this, you will need to take a plane from Gothenburg or Stockholm (which will cost you around 180 €) or book a night train for a more unique experience (more unique so and the cheapest: around 100 € .) It is better to go there in summer if you want to observe the famous midnight sun, the sun that never sets. A great experience. For an exciting adventure, go to the asylum.

From there, you can climb Sweden’s largest mountain, Mount Kebennesse, which rises to 2,100 meters. If you are used to walking then it should not be too much of a problem. If hiking is not your thing, you can still enjoy the slopes of Massif with your skis in winter !!

Appreciate the midnight sun in Swedish Lapland trusty read

Give Yourself a ‘Fika’

Obviously, one of the things you have to do in Sweden is to fickle yourself. Makeskecé? The word “Fika” comes from Vallian “coffee” and refers to this formidable Swedish tradition that includes a pastry and coffee with its close ties. In fact, it is very much a tradition in Sweden. So try a delicious cannibal (cinnamon bread) in the old city of Stockholm and a coffee on the charming flowerpot Stein. It may be slightly more expensive than other places, but the atmosphere is very good. You can also check out Fabrique or Lillebrors Bageri for their delicious brioche. Gothenburg is likewise the ideal spot for Fika and you can taste the best Kanelbüller in all of Sweden in the pleasant area of Haga What Is Sweden Best Known For?.

what is fika


Whatever you think of it, it is Sweden’s well-rounded character that makes it so spectacular between nature and civilization and everything in between. You can read what is Sweden best known for, and maybe Sweden will be your next travel destination!

Whatever you think of it, it is Sweden’s well-rounded character that makes it so spectacular between nature and civilization and everything in between. You can read what is Sweden known for, and maybe Sweden will be your next travel destination!

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