Effective Ways To Maintain Your Joomla Website

Effective Ways To Maintain Your Joomla Website

Creating and editing websites with modern-day content management systems (CMS) like Joomla is easier. However, once your website is up and running, you will primarily focus on the revenue and forget the periodic maintenance. It is true for most website owners and companies and can bring serious consequences. Unnecessary files and extensions will clutter the website and slow it down if you don’t maintain it. Therefore, you should also be watchful in updating and maintaining your Joomla website for better results.

In this post, you will discover practical tips for maintaining your Joomla website. Continue reading to broaden your knowledge.

Joomla Website Maintenance Techniques:

Cleaning the backend of your website is necessary to keep it running smoothly. A Joomla website is prone to numerous problems, which can slow down the speed and performance. The best way to deal with these problems is to keep updating and maintaining your website. You must clean your database to ensure faster request processing. Moreover, your essential software, including Joomla, must be updated to avoid issues.

If you want to improve the performance and speed of your Joomla website, there are some quick maintenance tips you can follow. Let’s get started!

1. Regularly update your extensions:

Checking your Joomla extensions is necessary as they might run outdated. Developers constantly throw new updates to the market with updated features and optimized functionalities. You should always check your installed extensions for these updates and install them if available. Compatibility with the current Joomla version is necessary, and you can achieve it by updating your extensions regularly.

Extensions that remain outdated for too long can open your website to security threats and vulnerabilities. Moreover, these outdated extensions can also conflict with other extensions installed on your website. The more you pay attention to this aspect, the fewer the chances of security attacks on your Joomla website.

2. Update Joomla:

The Joomla CMS is always concerned about working on updates to fix security bugs and enhance performance. Therefore, you should never ignore updating the current version of your Joomla website to ensure compatibility and better performance. Moreover, you can also avoid security threats if your Joomla version is up to date. Besides security, your Joomla website will also update its features and keep them functioning.

Website maintenance is a regular process, requiring non-stop efforts. You might not have enough time for these tasks. The situation highlights the need for a professional website maintenance agency Dubai to complete these tasks for you.

3. Remove defunct extensions:

Why would you keep something that you never use? The same goes for your Joomla website. Why keep unused or defunct extensions on your website? They will make your site slower and expose you to security threats. Therefore, you must delete these unused extensions from your website to keep it running smoothly. Some developers need an extension only once and forget to delete it after completing the task.

You can also check the extensions list to spot the most vulnerable extensions. Removing these extensions will help you enhance website security and performance. Besides security and performance, you can free up your website’s disk space to install new updates and extensions.

4. Optimize your images:

Nothing is simpler than this! Optimizing your website images is a common website maintenance activity everyone must follow. Website images can occupy much room on your website, making it slower. However, if you optimize them, they can occupy less space and provides you with a better loading speed. Different optimization tools can help you optimize images before uploading them to the web.

Image optimization can help you reduce the file size, which occupies less space. One thing to remember here; if you have been using Joomla for years, it would be time-consuming to update everything manually. Therefore, always optimize images on your website to keep things updated.

5. Take regular backups:

Another website maintenance task is taking regular backups from your Joomla website. No matter how careful you are, there is always the risk of losing your website data for countless reasons. It might be a security attack or other reasons like losing data due to physical damage. Whatever the cause, you should always have a viable plan to restore your data and put things back in line. Nothing can help you more than regular website backups.

It could be a crucial website maintenance task to take regular website backups to restore lost information. Does it sound too complicated for you? You better hire professional website maintenance Dubai companies and let them help you!

Maintain your website regularly for better performance!

Maintaining your website could be crucial as it helps you avoid security attacks and performance issues. No matter your industry, if you have a website, it requires regular attention. Who but professional website maintenance companies like SpiralClick can help your cause? They know what to do and how! Call them today to maintain your website.

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