What is McAfee Cloud Antivirus And what is the reason of its popularity

Next generation Antivirus Macafee

What is McAfee Cloud Antivirus And what is the reason of its popularity

Mcafee cloud is an antivirus product that provides exceptional total protection from viruses with the lowest impact on the performance of your PC. you can use this product on all kinds of windows, Mac and other operating systems. Its small ‘footprint’ indicates that it’s used on any lightweight devices such as ultra-mobiles, tablets, notebooks etc. Furthermore, Mcafee cloud antivirus includes the utmost power to protect your whole PC from malware, spyware, and viruses. This antivirus product works silently and stays out of your work. It will send only important notifications and won’t ambush you with surprise scan on your PC.

McAfee Cloud AV: cloud Antivirus for windows

Nowadays, looks like that antivirus developers are realizing that all people use their PC not only for running a resources hungry antivirus product that claims half of the RAM, keeps the hard disk busy and very slow down like as you are using as a PC from 90’s. This was the main reason that I had to quit using Symantec products. Many antivirus vendors are redesigning their software to use the least amount of system resources and they are also releasing cloud antivirus products. McAfee release a new product to cloud antivirus for all the Windows users. 



Mcafee cloud Antivirus is free and it is cloud-based, uses minimal system resources and does not intrude in the computers. It comes in form of 2 MB setup installer and during installation download some more files from the internet. After installation it is done, now you can see a small Mcafee icon in the system tray which used to turn off the real-time protection.

The main window of Mcafee antivirus also includes special features a minimalist a user interface. It has the option to scan your PC, view the threat log and change of some settings. It also has some advertisements for purchasing the premium protection, and to get the mobile protection for iPhone or Android. In the option of setting, you can choose the toggle button for on/off the real-time protection and to protect the access to the Mcafee cloud Antivirus files. You can also see that you are using the latest available updates.  



Features of Mcafee cloud Antivirus

  • It occupies only about 60 MB space of the hard drive, compared to 250MB by other antivirus products.
  • It also uses a new and virtually signature-less detection technology for reduced memory usage.
  • Improves detection by up to 30% over standard DAT and Mcafee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) detection.

System requirements for installation Mcafee cloud Antivirus

  • 1 GB RAM in your system
  • 60 MB free space on your disk
  • Window 7 or later version 
  • x86/x64 CPU
  • An internet connection

Uses of Mcafee cloud antivirus

  • Mcafee monitors the data flow between all household device to check that only authorized user has used to your valuable data.
  • When you try to visit a new web page known to distribute malware then Mcafee web adviser help reduces the chances of being infected by warning you.
  • it is a set of all security solutions that help organizations to move services to the cloud.


Exceptional Mcafee Cloud Antivirus

  • Mcafee cloud AV security center:

It shows that the current security status of your PC, including the status of windows firewall.

  • Next generation Antivirus:

Leverages behavioral detection to provide the more effective protection against the newest malware, exploits, and online threats.

  • Mcafee web-adviser:

Wherever you go online, your personal safety adviser provides you to protect against the known bad website. 

Mcafee cloud Antivirus stand out from all antivirus product

Mcafee cloud works on behavioral scanning means which file signatures are compared with the existing database of signatures of malicious files to identify to potential threats. It monitors the activity of given file that the given file is good or bad. If Mcafee detects any suspicious file then immediately removes them to protect the PC, result that there are minimum false positive with McAfee compare to any other antivirus software in the world. Not only good features are the part of Mcafee, rather it provides the best Mcafee Customer Service to provide exceptionally good technical support. If you need any Mcafee support then dial Mcafee phone number and get the best support.


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